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Eurotour: Part 4

28 Oct

And so my Berlin trip continues! As a shoot or two got postponed and Tom came to be a tourist for a weekend, I had the chance to:
– Try Bubble Tea (amazing stuff. Want some now)
– Eat yummy Indonesian lunch with Matthieu Richardoz and WildAtHeart
– Stay at the Propeller Island Lodge Hotel
– Eat strudel and Haagen-Dazs
– Visit the Neue Museum (it has the bust of Nefertiti in it)
– And snuggle cute things

So have some more Berlin…

Outside at the Neue Museum: (I would have loved to shoot here but sadly it is so busy here that it would have been impossible.)

Inside the Museum! (Not allowed to take photos of Nefertiti, but she was very pretty- and had one white eye 😀 )

This is ancient Assyrian (I think!) I’d love to be able to read it- check out the writing!

We went into Potsdamer Platz for some food and instead found huskies! Even people I know who don’t like dogs in general make an exception for huskies. 🙂

Who can resist a huskyball?

THIS is where we stayed. Seriously, open the link and check out the rooms. They rock.

When Tom headed back to the land of Cheddar, queues and wonderful wonderful Marmite, I went to stay with the lovely Nina Ann and her adorable cat Mitzy who purrs at 100 decibels and eats attention like my cat Mog eats tuna.

We rocked a pub quiz (Oh yes, we knew our Rocky Horror Show), had amazing cocktails and ate toasted sandwiches. It was really really nice to be able to hang out with friends again after staying a week in a hostel- I’d had an attack of the lonelies. 😦

On my last day in Berlin, I went with a new American friend (Hanna) to sightsee- and discovered Tacheles. It’s a former Nazi/SS hangout that has now become an artists commune. It is about seven storeys high, covered in graffiti (arty graffiti) and each room houses an artist or three, and a lot of beautiful things for sale. (Sadly I was not able to buy- I had a health emergency and had to spend precious euros on a doctor, but I WILL be back next year for that fish necklace.) They even had a teeny garden for people to make huge metalwork sculptures!
Seriously, it is an amazing place. If you’re going to/currently in Berlin, it’s almost opposite the Synagogue.

These pictures don’t do it justice so click on the link above.

I added something… 😉 And yes, it is a London tube map- I couldn’t find my notebook. (I really NEED that “fantastical creatures” origami book I saw in Waterstones…)

Me being acquainted with a real German:

I was sad to say goodbye to these guys: (L-R: Nina, Hanna, Me)

And snugglebunch here:

These two pictures illustrate how I saw Berlin better than anything I can say:

Everything is so beautiful, but so much of it is covered in bullet holes. You literally cannot escape the history behind the place (not that you’d want to- but you can’t). Everything that isn’t big ,ancient and majestic is bohemian and (eco-) friendly. (Like the “improved” traffic light.)
If I could live anywhere that isn’t England, I’d pick Germany at the moment- and probably Berlin. I’m planning to tour the whole country next year so if you’re a German photographer and interested in booking me, it’s never too early to get in touch.

So, I moved on to Amsterdam- which comes in my next post. But then I came back to Germany (Mulheim) for a day to shoot with Hart-Worx. It was only a few days ago but I already have a picture back!


Photographer: Hart-Worx
Designer: HMSlatex (Custom)
Make-up/wig: Me

More on their way- we shot lots of gorgeous outfits and I sloshed make-up and hair stuff about. I love getting the chance to style myself! 😀

Here are a couple of behind-the-scenes pics from our last set:

The location:

Practising poses:

Why do dogs *always* gatecrash my shoots??

Am I above bad pony puns?


p.s. Yesterday, I had one of the best days of my life. Until someone I think highly of told me I’m pessimistic. :/ I don’t think I’m pessimistic but just in case, here’s a list of things that have made me happy/laugh recently.

– Seeing wild boar for the first time (and the biggest herd of deer I’ve ever seen)
– Trying to mime “red squirrel” to a Dutch photographer who didn’t know the word in English
– Beginning my second draft of my second novel “Saving Bailey”
– Being e-mailed by one of my best girls with a party invite, saying it would mean a lot if I could be there (thanks Amy!)
– Seeing windmills (even though I get the song about the little mouse in old Amsterdam in my head Every. Single. Time.)
– A very immature joke about singing in the shower (If I know you IRL, you’ll be subjected to it soon enough)
– Reading Bill Bryson’s “A Short History…” and recognising names (I wanted to be a palaeontologist when I was little)
– New nude photos (you’ll see them soon)
– Having a fascinating and argument-free conversation about religion/censorship with a new friend.
– Seeing someone fold a bike in half on the train. I’d never seen it done before!

Happy enough??

If not, I challenge anyone not to smile after seeing this.

Eurotour: Part 3

23 Oct

I’m writing this from Amsterdam, where I am now. I am in fact, in a Christian Hostel! (Open to non-Christians and looked by far the best hostel to stay in.) I’m surrounded by Bible quotes but hoping to put this minor detail to good use and actually read the Bible- which I’ve wanted to do for a while. As a supporter of gay rights especially, I want to know *exactly* what the Bible says on the matter.

Anyway, I’m trying to write a blog featuring nude photos *Mission Impossible music* so…

I arrived in Berlin very sleepy, spent a day as a zombie and then took off on a walking tour before my photoshoot with WildAtHeart photography.
Come with me!

This is a huge great big church. It’s Berliner Dom- the most famous Protestant church. I’d have liked to go and look inside but time ran out. *just* behind it on the right, you can see the TV tower.

This is the biggest piece of granite ever to be taken out of the earth intact. It was given to sculptor Christian Gottlieb Cantian. He was told to make something with it for a centrepiece for the museum- NO more than five feet at its widest point. He ignored the advice and so the bowl could not get through the doors. And then someone dropped it. Now it is cemented together. Whoops. 😉

I just found the way these two photos fit together interesting. The white statues are on top of a bridge full of padlocks (people in love initial the padlocks and throw the keys into the river.) The black statue is based on a drawing by artist Kathe Kollwitz called “mother with her dead son” and is a WW2 Memorial.

This museum was the site of the 42nd (apparently!) attempt to assassinate Hitler. A Nazi volunteered himself for a suicide mission and strapped explosives to himself, which were set to go off as he stood by Hitler. Hitler left early and the man had to run to deactivate the explosives. He survived it. Brave guy- the tour guide didn’t tell us his name though and I can’t find it. 😦

Of course I went to see the wall and Checkpoint Charlie but sadly this is the only photo that looked ok.

This was so strange/interesting. It’s the memorial for the Jews who died in the Holocaust. From the outside, the blocks don’t look very big but as you walk between them, they get bigger and bigger and end up three times as tall as me! There is no reason for the number/size/colour of blocks- everything is open to interpretation.

I heard that there was another memorial for the gay people who died, so I went looking and found a case of mistaken identity. *goes red*

This is NOT the gay memorial. This is the American Embassy:

THIS is the gay memorial:

Ahem… and then I saw THIS:


And so is the Brandenburg Gate:

As the sun set, the festival of lights started and the main buildings started glowing. Look!

By this time, I was on my way to shoot with WildAtHeart for her Glitterama project and she’s already sent me back some pictures! (To get the effect, I stood in the bath while she sprayed me with several coats of glitter spray. Everything was glittery). 😀

Next post: More tales from Berlin, a padded cell and a lot more photos!

p.s. I’ve been working on my hairstyling. Have a behind-the-scenes from my photoshoot with Alex Blyg.

Eurotour: Part 2

21 Oct

… so off I went to Stockholm to stay in a hostel, and then with Elegy Ellem.

City Backpackers hostel is two seconds from the train station and has THIS:

As well as a sauna, which I ended up doing a photoshoot in! (Pictures to come…)
What’s not to love? 😉

Have some views of Stockholm:

Met up with Ellem and Albin for fun times, touring, photoshoot and food.
No pics from the actual shoot yet but here we are- the horniest girls in Stockholm… 😛

More behind-the-scenes to come…

Mmmm. Burgers.

My hosts of hotness

Because it was there:

I went to visit the king’s palace and some butterflies with Albin, while Ellem taught me the Swedish words for things I cannot say in public 😉 Pictures of pretties coming soon, (mine are nowhere near as good as Albin’s).

I sadly had to leave the Stockholm crew for the sleeper train to Berlin, where I am now (and loving it. I can see myself coming back….) but I’ve had some fun shoots here.
Here ‘s one from my glitter-covered shoot with WildAtHeart photography. I’ll show you the whole set next post…

Coming soon:
– Sights of Berlin (it’s the light festival here and everything has projections on it)
– Pictures from my glittery shoot
– Behind-the-scenes from my shoot with Alex Blyg!


P.S. Tales from the RCPD (Roswell Combover Police Department):
No matter how bad things get, it could be worse. You could be this guy.
And on that bombshell, Goodnight.

Eurotour: Part 1

16 Oct

Hello again!

I am re-cabled (thanks, Tom!) and have some pictures from my tour!

Soooo… I stayed with Olof O in Gothenburg for a couple of days. In between shoots, he acted as tour guide and so I got to see some of the beautiful places (of which there were many) around the city. I say “city”, but as the population of Sweden is about the same as the population in London (about 9.5 million), it felt so quiet- which I liked.


We also shot at the park here, with (I like to think) Rapunzel’s tower and chair that could belong to- maybe not the Erl King- but perhaps his daughter or secretary 😉 (probably not though, as the Erl King is a German legend, not Swedish) 😀

Another picture from a shoot we did back at the house:

And a beautiful island, seen from the river taxi!

I had a seven-hour coach journey from Gothenburg to Stockholm, most of which I spent looking out of the window, hoping to see deer!

Stockholm update coming on the 18th (I think!)
– MORE pretty pictures
– WHAT did I get up to with Elegy Ellem??
– A teaser picture or two, from my Berlin photoshoot with WildAtHeart photography!
Night night,


Roswell the Blithering Idiot

4 Oct


I’m a doofus.

I have, in fact, committed doofussery of monumental proportions- I have forgotten to pack the cable that connects my cameraphone to my laptop and therefore cannot load my pictures for another few days, until cable-related salvation arrives in Berlin in the form of Tom the Tourist. So you’re going to have to wait.

Instead, have some more cute animals, and some nude pictures that I was going to save for my return home, but what the heck- I’ll post them today:


I have literally just had an e-mail from Olof O– the photographer I was staying with in Gothenburg! And there are Swedish tourist-y pictures! Forget everything I just said (except for the bit about the cable)- you can have a couple of tourist-y pictures*. And cute animals.

*Just a couple- I’ll do a proper entry when I have my cable.

We went for a look around the harbour- it’s very beautiful, and I took my first river-taxi! Here’s me with a fluffy coat and a great big red rock.

I didn’t get any pictures from the boat as it was going so fast, but we passed a crew of cormorants all lounging on a rock. Apparently, they decimate everything. 😦 I haven’t heard of them doing that in the UK but maybe that’s because I usually see them one at a time. They looked like a gang of lazy, salty sailors. I rather liked them!
(This isn’t my picture- just wanted to show you them).

Beautiful church just around the corner from the flat- this picture doesn’t do it justice!

At my photoshoot- pretty tree!

More pictures to come (with interesting tree decorations and Rapunzel’s tower!!)

For now, come to the zoo with me. (My mum took me to Banham Zoo for my birthday).

Which end is which?

I can has? Plz? (It’s a Geoffrey’s Cat and it’s about the size of a kitten.)

Want. One. *dissolves into a gooey mess*

Naw, offisah. I never smoke da ‘erb, man.
This was taken two seconds before dopey here realised the others had gone inside without him, jumped and dashed into the house.

If we act reel cute, can we has steak todays?
These were cubs a short while ago! There are three “cubs” and two parents. In a few moths, the cubs will go and join another zoo so the parents can breed again. (Banham works to increase numbers of the rarest creatures and is great with conservation. Yay!)

You’ve already seen my beloved Pallas Cat but read this article- it’s fascinating!

And this is a Maned Wolf. (Aka WTF??? Its head came up to my waist.)

See you,

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