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In a while…

26 Sep

As most of you will know, I’m off to Europe on Saturday! I’m very excited (and nervous- it’s the longest I’ll have been away from England) and will be visiting Sweden, Germany and The Netherlands. I’m hoping to take my laptop and post blogs while I’m out there so you should have some lovely sightseeing pictures- as well as new one-off latex outfits from HMSlatex and Little Rubber Cherry, nude shots and quite a bit of bondage! Yes, I have some exciting shoots planned… 😉

On the nude subject, it has been a whole month since I last posted nude pictures here!!
These are from a location near me, shot by Wayne Kahn.

Important stuff: I’m having a revamp of my networking pages!
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If you also want to see exclusive sets featuring me (you won’t see these anywhere else!) Then come and join Zivity– I have two new sets up at the moment… AND I take requests! (More exclusive photos and behind-the-scenes shots available to fans).

Sorry for the very short blog but I’m trying to sort out last minute plans for Europe!
Please accept my humble apologies- have a Pallas Cat:


Tragic figures and wonderful creatures

23 Sep

As promised, I’m going to tell you what I was grinning about in my last post!

Eroticalia (aka Ikletikfiks) contacted me about continuing his Pre-Raphaelite project. (Check out his shot of Ivory Flame HERE). I got “The Lady of Shalott.”

“Lying, robed in snowy white
That loosely flew to left and right —
The leaves upon her falling light —
Thro’ the noises of the night,
She floated down to Camelot:
And as the boat-head wound along
The willowy hills and fields among,
They heard her singing her last song,
The Lady of Shalott”

In the poem, she has been cursed and can only see the outside world through a mirror. She sees Sir Lancelot in her mirror and turns toward the view of Camelot from her window, setting the curse into effect. She gets into her boat and singing, sails down to Camelot where she dies.
It’s a very pretty painting by Waterhouse! Click for painting and poem.

Here’s ours:

We rented a gondola in beautiful Stratford-Upon-Avon (Shakespeare town) and were taken to this spot by motor boat!
I had stayed in the hostel in Tiddington the night before, and found out that this was the village in which a girl Katherine Hamlet drowned. She is thought to be the inspiration for Shakespeare’s Ophelia (Hamlet’s sister)…

Countryside just outside the hostel:

… and though we only decided to shoot an Ophelia picture at short notice, we had the perfect location: Stratford-Upon-Avon Butterfly Farm! 😀
It was such a beautiful place- as I stepped into the pool filled with koi, the butterflies began to land on my dress. I did lie down but we preferred these shots.

It’s interesting. Both women died singing.*

I should mention that as I stepped into the pool, one of the butterfly ladies had a quick chat with me:
Just to let you know, they shouldn’t harm you but there are leeches in there.
Yes, they feed on the fish but also on warm areas of the body.
If you get one, just come to me and I’ll get rid of it. 🙂
….. 😦

I didn’t get a leech, but I did get a much more welcome snake and a tarantula after I’d dried off a little.
This is a Coastal Carpet Python. Isn’t he GORGEOUS???

Photographer Chris aka Ikletikfiks is the SNAKE MASTEEEEEERRRR!

Snuggly and fluffy and eight-legged… why is everybody backing away?

I even saw my first black widow spider- it’s smaller than the one tattooed on me! No pictures sadly- too dark.

You can have some more animal pictures soon (they all have four legs, I promise.) As it is four a.m. I’m going to sleep finally, having spent four wonderful days back home with people I love, and answering four days worth of e-mails. (Lots of fours!)

Night night,


P.S. *I can’t sing.


16 Sep

Today isn’t a picture entry day (ok, you can have one…) as I’m saving my latest for next entry. They are worth the wait 😉

I just wanted to share some news: I have finished my novel. And sent it off to an agent!  It has taken me over four years to write and while I’m proud of it, I’m also terrified at the concept of sending it out into the world. (I had to stop at the third draft as I knew I’d tweak and adjust it forever otherwise).

It’s set in a place called Sarascyon, it’s sci-fi/fantasy (you thought it would be chick-lit, didn’t you?!) 😛 and involves murder, revenge and a very nasty secret.

I think this picture sums up how I feel right now (except I’m not soaking wet. Or in a pond.):

This shoot rocked- you’ll see the actual pictures- and some new friends I made- next post.

Design features

13 Sep

A while ago, I did a second photoshoot with Rhian Cox (who I would recommend to anyone- she’s lovely!) and this time was modelling designs from Eden Jewellery– as well as the hearts and swallows you see here, she also makes lemmings and space invaders! (Yes I will be ordering something lemming-themed in the near future).

I also happened to be modelling some of my own designs- I’m making more things for Europe so hopefully, you’ll be seeing more from me in that way…

Photographer: Rhian Cox
Jewellery: Eden Jewellery
MUA/Hair: Hannah Mirsaeedy
Pasties/jacket: Me!

I *think* I did hair/make-up in this one as Hannah had another job to go to.

Was a very productive shoot, before heading back to a friends house and then off to Scotland on a rare “proper tour!” Though I am spending next month in Europe doing nothing but touring (and sightseeing too, hopefully!)

I also have to share this with you: I’m about 99.5% through my novel manuscript and hopefully will have it finished BY TONIGHT!!! Eeeeeee! (If you’re on facebook and haven’t added my page yet, go do it- you’ll be the first to know.)

Look out for next post- I have been working on a very interesting project……

I have 2 shooting days free in Stockholm, 6 in Berlin and 1 in Amsterdam. I am almost fully booked so if you are interested in booking me, get in contact ASAP via my website

Changing Seasons- Autumn discount!

7 Sep

Hey everyone!

The leaves are beginning to fall, as bright round fire-coloured berries take centre stage and yes, the weather is unpredictable but Autumn holds some fantastic photo opportunities in its milder days…

… which is why I’m offering a discount on UK location shoots for the entire of Autumn! (That would be September and November- I’m touring Europe for all of October)!

For £55, you get two hours shooting time with me, customised styling (hair, make-up and wardrobe!) and some lovely autumnal pictures to add to your portfolio. Multiple slots can of course be booked back-to-back.
I have access to some beautiful locations, (indoor and outdoor) both in East Anglia (Norwich/Cambridge/Ely area) and in London too!

Autumnal nudes? No problem- there are some lovely woodlands near me.
Weather? Just let me know when you would *like* to book me for and we’ll check the forecast. If it looks bad, we can reschedule or shoot indoors!

Interested? Get in touch through my website at

And have a look below for some images from one of my “Summer in Cambridge” shoots:
Photographer: Ian Marks
Make-up/styling: Me