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Early birthday present!

27 Aug

Ok, so it has been my birthday now (yesterday), but I got an early present a few days ago, from Max Operandi: pretty pictures!!!

A couple of months ago, I did a photoshoot with him and Ulorin Vex at the stunning Winwick Hall. The theme was “art deco nude”- something I’d never done before!
After meeting miss Vex for breakfast (cake) and crazy-cat-lady chat (yes I am one, and proud of it!) 😛 we jumped on the train and arrived here:

The owner Bruce gave us a  tour- I was very excited to find swallows nesting in the roof- they were flitting about across the lawn for all the time we were shooting. So beautiful! As I was leaning against a tree, one zoomed straight under my arm! (Sadly we didn’t get a shot of it as we were all “did that just happen??” for a few seconds!)

We didn’t have an assistant so Ulorin and I took it in turns. We were the best assistants in the world. 😉

Bruce is a huge fan of Roman architecture and so there were lots of pillars to play around. I also loved the red brick areas around the house!

We then hit the fountains…
As they were operated by sensor, one of us had to run madly up and down (naked) to turn them on while the other posed. This did not look ridiculous at all. 😛

The water was FREEZING so I had to fight the “Cherie Blair face” (see outtake below)…

… but we got these after Max somehow persuaded us to get *in* the fountain:

And then we climbed some trees. I want a rope bridge just like this when I have my own tree house.

Saved the best for last as I especially LOVE the above photo 😀
Had such a fun shoot- I’m definitely hoping to shoot some more work in art deco style as although I like doing “natural” art nude shots, I liked having the chance to style my hair and make-up too.

Photographer: Max Operandi
Models: Me and Ulorin Vex.
Hair/make-up: Us!

I’ve recently had several e-mails asking about my writing work, which has been nice! Keep an eye out for more articles- including the “Alternative Guide to Alternative Modelling” (commissioned!).

Also, as I just hit 9000 views *this month alone*, I’m also looking for sponsors for this blog. Please get in touch via my website if you or someone you know would like to discuss this.


p.s. thanks guys for all the lovely FB birthday wishes! 😀