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The sweetest things

21 Aug


I have some pictures from the new Eclectic Eccentricity lookbook (I’ve already shot for the next one!) and some more writing news too:

I’ve been made a contributor to another new writing venture/movement (can’t say much more yet- but I have to say, this is something that will probably to appeal to all of you…)

I’m also writing about *male* nude models at the moment. Do any of you know any? Whose work do you admire? Please get in contact ASAP if there’s someone you’d like to tell me about.

Picture time! You’ve seen the outtakes, but here are some finished pictures for the latest Eclectic Eccentricity lookbook. Shock horror- I’m wearing clothes, lol!!!

Photographer: Charlotte Rutherford
Make-up/hair: Ria Lingwood (Ria is going travelling soon and we hope she’ll be back to shoot the next lookbook! Have fun Ria- don’t stay away too long!)
Jewellery: Eclectic Eccentricity
Wardrobe: ReTreat Vintage

Since my post “Elvis was Wrong“, I’ve been making an effort to see more friends between work- and am glad I have. In September, I’m planning a trip to the zoo for my birthday (which is next week) so you’ll be seeing some pretty animals in a future post…

See you soon- in a post featuring my own wardrobe styling!


p.s. A long time ago, I did a photoshoot with Matt Frederick (make-up/styling by Amelia Ebanks) where I posed as Lady Justice. It’s still one of my favourite photos, and it seems to have been very popular with my viewers too!
Casandra, from Malaysia has had the image tattooed on her- I’m amazed, proud and flattered that the picture has inspired so many people. I’m waiting for her permission to blog it but for now, here is the original image:

EDIT: Permission granted: