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Roswell Ivory vs The Eiffel Tower

6 Aug

Wow, that last post went down a storm! 😉 (If you haven’t seen it yet- or a certain photographer’s response, it is well worth a read.)
So hello to my new viewers and subscribers! It’s nice to have you here- feel free to leave a comment below. 😀

Anyway… I went to Paris in May.

I stayed with my friends Sophie (HMSlatex) and Mathieu (Mathieu Richardoz)- and Punky the cat. Thanks guys, you rocks my socks.
While I was out there, I worked with Sylvie Blum on one of the coolest (and earliest) photoshoots I’ve ever done! It was a very early start and after some door-related trouble (“je suis desolee pour le derrangement a cinq heures ce matin”)* I fell onto the pavement to wait for the driver. We had a driver. 😀
I wasn’t actually sure where we were going to be shooting- just that it was going to be outdoors and at 5am, I assumed it would be for the sunrise. Was not enlightened when the location was described in French (I can speak a bit of French, until I talk to a French person. Then, THIS happens.)

Driver: So first we’re going to [French] and then stopping by [French]. Right?
Sylvie: That’s right. I also think we should check out [French].
Roswell: hmm… I understood the word “the”. *Chats with Sylvie and driver, while looking out of the window*
Ooh, it’s the Eiffel Tower! Prettyprettypretty… wait, why are we stopping?

It was early and freezing but wow, I was one seriously happy English lady. Having had some truly awful teenage years, I still have to pinch myself occasionally during photoshoots- the idea that I could be modelling, and travelling the world to do so wouldn’t have even occurred to me at a time when my greatest dream was to be happy in my own skin and allowed to be so by others.

So here I am: in these pictures, the happiest woman in the world.

On to the next location: I’m afraid I don’t know where this is. When I tried to describe the building to Mathieu, he reminded me that I was in Paris: EVERYTHING is pretty with pillars and sticky-out bits. 😉
If you can tell me where the heck I am, that would be great. Thanks in advance!

There are more photos to come. We also visited the Arc De Triomf and The Pont du Alexandre III…

Articles, nude photos, and even… clothed photos(!) coming soon.


* “I am sorry for the disturbance at five this morning”