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A sneaky peek!

24 Jul

I’m touring Scotland! (Shooting with nine photographers in seven days- eek!) It’ s been great fun and I can’t believe I’m over halfway through now. I’ll do a proper update about the trip later but now I want to show you some teasers for my upcoming Zivity sets!

I started shooting for Zivity a while ago and while I love the site, I feel it needs more of a community. So if you’re reading this and a member of Zivity, come and say hello! My profile is HERE.
If you aren’t a member, here are some photos from my sets on there (you can only see the entire set if you are a member, so if you like these, you might want to think about signing up! You can vote for your favourite sets and I shoot bonus material for fans voting on mine!)


I borrowed a vintage girdle and got ready to go “out”… (For ten votes on this set, you get some bonus behind-the-scenes shots!)

Forest Fire
This is probably one of my favourite  Zivity sets I’ve shot (so you should really go and see the whole thing), but I really did suffer for it. I was bitten by mosquitoes for the entire time we were out in the woods and came up in fist-sized welts. Ugh.

To Do list
This was my idea! Looking back, I wish we had used marker pen so the writing is clearer but *shrugs* Never mind- I can always do a “sequel set”.

Bows and Ribbons and Bondage
This is a custom set for one of my fans on the site! He had requested to see some more bondage themed sets… so here’s one! I am always happy to shoot especially for fans! 😛

The fact that I’ve been drawn into a facebook discussion about custard is indicating that I’m procrastinating and really should go to sleep now.
Live from Bunk 12 in the coolest hostel known to man: Goodnight.


Available to shoot in beautiful Cambridge!

14 Jul
PHOTOGRAPHERS:I’m going to be available in the beautiful streets of Cambridge for the entire first week of August!If you haven’t been before, now would be the perfect time to visit, as I know of some fantastic locations waiting to be photographed, from wide green parks, ancient stone buildings and flower-lined side streets- to the market and famous riverside!

I am able to create numerous “looks” with my wardrobe and style my hair and make-up to an extremely high standard…
I can source anything, from vintage, to fetish to casual!

Some inspiration:
50s war era: shot against the historic buildings (I own plenty of genuine vintage dresses)
romantic summer fashion: softly curling hair, flowing skirts and blouses by the riverside
evening fashion: as the evening begins and the city lights come on. Glitz and glamour in a backless dress!
commercial fun! jeans, vest and natural face in the market.
– latex with the flowers: Shoot some of my colourful outfits in the Botanical Gardens!

My rate is £25 per hour, and after the first two hours booked (£50), it will be discounted to £20 per hour!
This rate can be split between two photographers, but please let me know in advance if you intend to do this.

Get in touch asap for enquiries and bookings!

Looking forward to working with you,ROSWELL x

EVERYONE ELSE: Look up- pretty pictures! 😉
#1 is by Charlotte Rutherford from my first ever shoot for Eclectic Eccentricity! Hair/Make-up by Sam Chapman.

#2 Is from my recent trip to Paris, where I shot in this beautiful derelict mansion with Matthieu Richardox in HMSlatex. Hair/Make-up was done by me.

#3 is actually an old picture that I don’t think I’ve ever posted here! The photographer was Rose Lien and the wind was ferocious- I kept having to pose clamping the headpiece to my head with both hands! We got lucky here though 😀

I’ve also had a huge website-updating session! New pictures and writing added so if you fancy reading my latest articles, go see…

I’m off to Scotland on Sunday so you may not get an update for a while- depends on the wifi situation. See you when I get back, if my hands haven’t frozen off! 😉



Elvis was wrong.

11 Jul

“A little less conversation, a little more action…”


I spend a lot of time in loud clubs (generally because I’m working there), and while I like going out, seeing friends there is usually “HEYHOWYADOING-GREATTHNX-SEEYAL8R-BYE!!!” and swaying to music, dancing, or even smiling- does *not* equate to a conversation, and that can become easy to forget. (“It was so lovely to see L last night.” Ah yes- I’ve seen her. She still exists. Great.)
So during a truly brilliant night at Big Red, during a triple birthday party with some of my best friends (and friends I see in clubs but don’t usually get the chance to talk to properly), I made a very late New Years Resolution: I’m going to see more of my friends in places we can hear each other speak. 😀

Me, with my friend Ru. We are not nearly as drunk as we look.

I can’t show you the edited pictures yet (the ones I have seen are soooo pretty) but here are the outtakes from my latest Eclectic Eccentricity shoot- I work regularly with this team and they have become friends too. 😀

Photographer: Charlotte Rutherford
MUA/Hair: Ria Lingwood
Jewellery Designer: Eclectic Eccentricity
Dresses: ReTreat Vintage

Lots of pretties!

Ria doing my hair while Lucy (EE) checks things on the list

Look number two (or was it three?)…

Mmmmm. Haribo. Plus silly party trick… (anyone spot it?)

I can get a Haribo ring around my wrist.


Fiiiiiinished! We ended the shoot trying to get as much jewellery on me as possible 😀

I had to visit the office to give back some stuff I’d borrowed- it’s so weird (but cool) to see my face everywhere, lol!!!

Sorry for the bad phone pics. 😉
More adventures to be posted soon…

p.s. I’m trying to keep my facebook profile for people I know in real life so if you want regular updates and still haven’t found my work page on facebook, click here and press the “like” button. You’ll still be able to talk to me and get all the same updates!

p.p.s. Check out my mutant cactus!


News, nature and… go read my short story!

5 Jul

I have a story published online!!! John Xero writes a rather brilliant blog featuring short stories. He, unlike me, has the discipline to write *and* post his work every single Sunday so if you want something to read (mostly sci-fi/fantasy), go and have a look.
This week is a bit different as his blog has been going for a year and so he’s been publishing work from friends as a celebration! And one of mine’s there. 🙂

So go and have a read- it’s only two pages long.

Here’s the picture that inspired it:
Photographer: Matt Frederick
Model: Fleur De Guerre

I have loooads of new pictures to show you- for now, here are two very different ones from a studio day I did a couple of months ago at Lightspot Studio:

Photographer: Phine Ka
Hair/Make-up: Me
Designer: Clear London

Photographer: Technical Boy
Make-up: Me
(more from this shoot soon- I did a few “looks” with my make-up).
A few Saturdays ago, I made one of the greatest achievements of my life: I met Sir David Attenborough and did not leap on him screaming “OMG I’m your biggest fan!!!” He was signing his latest book “New Life Stories”, but sadly no memorabilia so I didn’t bring this:

(It’s a poster by Killer Strawberry and a gift from one of my favourite people.)
And against much urging, I did *not* give him my business card (I’m out of non-nude ones and so felt it would be too much like throwing my pants at a rockstar.)
I did, however, grin like a maniac:

Going all Attenborough on you now, I have to tell you about Norwich Cathedral’s resident peregrine falcons as there’s a bit of drama going on:

Smallish male (let’s call him Axis) and his mate (we’ll call her Faraday) lived on the cathedral spire, until a more dominant female (called Azhure: ok, gold star if you get the reference!) booted Faraday out, mated with Axis and laid an egg on the nesting platform complete with webcam, that the nice people in the cathedral put up for them. Egg sadly died as Azhure was too young to be laying eggs, and the webcam was taken down…

… now Faraday’s back. She and Azhure have been yelling at each other for days now, and no-one knows what is likely to happen, as peregrines mate for life. Axis was nowhere to be seen when I was at the cathedral (probably hiding with his wings over his ears) but the girls were circling around the spire, diving and screeching screeching screeching…

I got them on film- not *well*, but for the curious, this is what two very angry dots look (and sound) like!

And here’s some more of the cathedral (labyrinth, cloisters and my little green eyes.)

Seriously, peregrines rock. They are literally the fastest living things on the planet. And before someone says “even Michael Schumacher? Hyuk hyuk hyuuuk”… YES! The fastest recorded dive was 242 MPH!!!
Here’s one racing a sportscar.

Next post: I tell you all about the migration habits of the Demoiselle Crane… (or maybe I’ll just post the outtakes from the latest Eclectic Eccentricity shoot, and you can see me do my silly party trick…)


p.s. Do you know anyone with mental health problems? (Depression, etc?) Chances are, you probably do.
A fellow alternative model, Helena Panda is going to be running 10 miles in aid of MIND mental health charity and it would be great if you could help sponsor her. Her page is here. Thanks so much! 🙂