29 Apr

There are a lot of things I haven’t shot yet; I haven’t been photographed with wild animals, I haven’t shot elegant art-nudes in an industrial location (yet…), I haven’t shot beautiful lingerie, I haven’t shot in the Nowegian fjords and until recently, I had not been photographed underwater.

It is difficult. Much more so than I would ever have thought, having loved to swim as a child. I arrived at the pool for a photoshoot with Robin Conway with a bag of latex and lingerie. After having my make-up done by the lovely Emma Wood (who offered me some words of wisdom that would later be very comforting: “you’ll think you’re doing terribly but don’t worry, you aren’t!”) , I jumped in…

There are so many things that you take for granted during photoshoots that disappear underwater!
– Being able to talk/hear directions
– Being able to see
– Being able to make minor adjustments to poses without running out of air

There was definitely a lot of coughing and spluttering involved! And by the end of the shoot, I was exhausted. :S

Having said that, I love being challenged and am happy to go through pain and cold in order to get good photos. I’m happy with the pictures we got and we are planning another photoshoot inspired by certain paintings… 😉
The dress in the second two shots is by HMSlatex.

It had been a great couple of days- I had arrived in London the day before the shoot and met up with my sis-in-law for a gig at “InSpiral“, in Camden. It’s one of my favourite bars ever: friendly with yummy food, coffee and many variations on coconut juice… and a beautiful view of the river and market. (Go there in the evening- all the market lights are on- it is beautiful, like a gypsy fair!)
As my shoot was in the afternoon, it was really nice to be able to stay and hang out in the morning with the household. I even did some gardening and ate lovely homemade curry! (Literally homemade- they have a vegetable garden so half the ingredients were already supplied!)  The sun was out and we were all bouncing around to Bob Marley. Hippies! :oP

While catching my breath in the pool, I watched the sun set from the high windows. It was still light, so the water was being reflected onto the walls and the sky outside was lilac. As I waited for my breathing to return to normal, I watched a plane fly into view, framed perfectly by the window.
When I’d quickly hosed down my latex outfits, packed and shaken my hair off, I dashed outside for the tube but just *had* to stop and photograph the sky, which was a kind of luminous red that I’ve sadly never managed to capture in a painting.
You can’t see the photo as I can’t upload pictures from that phone to the computer… but as I now have a new phone, you soon will be treated to more behind-the-scenes shots… sometimes as the action happens! 😉


Next post: a seasonal photoshoot, possibly in one of the most magical locations I’ve ever shot in…


2 Responses to “Mermaid-in-training”

  1. Romantic Dominant April 29, 2011 at 6:49 pm #

    Aquatic delight

    • roswellivory April 29, 2011 at 6:52 pm #

      Thanks! I love swimming so I’ll definitely be back underwater again 😉

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