A bit of silliness! :)

28 Mar

Ok, I was going to go straight into this, but have to just say first, I just got the WEIRDEST e-mail I have ever found! Makes no sense and the writer appears to think I’m some kind of abductee, or android!!! O-o-o-o-k-a-a-a-y.


I have a new Zivity teaser- Pirate Photography behind the lens and Little Rubber Cherry doing wardrobe. Make-up and hair done by me. Inspired by a comment from Rubber Cherry, we’ve called it The Latex Dance-  me doing the many ridiculous moves that putting on a latex dress require. 😉

I’m 28 days late on the facebook 30-day song challenge but as I’m dancing about while writing this, I’ll post it here instead. (Yeah, I’m full of beans today- chocolate-coated coffee beans…)

1) Favourite song: It changes by the day! But Badman, by Newton Faulkner is up there.
2) Most hated song: Dry Your eyes Mate, by The Streets. NOTHING can come close to this eye-watering illiterate attempt at a chav ballad.
3) Makes you happy: Town Called Malice, by The Jam. Got to love it!
4) Makes you sad: Even Angels Fall, by Jessica Riddle
5) Reminds you of someone: Stupid Girls, by Pink. Reminds me of too many people.
6) Reminds you of somewhere: Hot and Cold, by Katy Perry! Reminds me of my week in Murcia with Iveta Niklova and Anita De Bauch- we were in the car waiting to set up and started dancing about to this. Much fun!
7) Reminds you of an event: Boys Wanna be Her, by Peaches. They used to play it all the time at Torture Garden fashion shows!
8.) Know all the words to: Streetcorner Symphony, by Rob Thomas. I’m such a bloody HIPPY ssometimes!
9) Song to dance to: Stand Up, by the Prodigy
10) Makes you sleep: Insomnia, by Faithless. Just kidding- I have no idea.

11) Song from your favourite band: Don’t have a favourite band, but here’s one: Sweet Child O’ Mine, by Guns ‘n’ Roses
12) Song from a band you hate: Trouble, by Coldplay. Ugh!
13) Guilty pleasure: Cherry Pie, by Warrant. Bring on the Hair rock… and the woman in the video is hot. I also have a weakness for really bad bubblegum pop.
14) Song no-one would expect you to love: Aria, by Delerium/Mediaeval Baebes
15) Song that describes you: Bitch, by Meredith Brooks. Unless anyone has an alternative??
16) Used to love but now hate: Anything by Shania Twain. I won a talent contest at school pretending to be her. The shame, the SHAME!!!
17) Song you hear often on the radio: Price Tag, by Jessie J. The gym plays Kiss FM and they play the same 10 songs over and over again. I may resort to supergluing my headphones into my ears.
18) Song you wish you heard on the radio: Killing in the Name, by Rage Against the Machine. Because- why not??
19) From your favourite album: Hard Sun, by Eddie Vedder. LOVE the Into The Wild Soundtrack.
20) Song for when you’re angry: Break Stuff, by Limp Bizkit. It’s the original angry anthem!

21) Song for when you’re happy: Gone in the Morning, by Newton Faulkner.
22) Song for when you’re sad: Burn, by The Cure. Gothywothydoodah!
23) Song for your wedding: I have no plans to get married, but hypothetically? Highway to Hell, by ACDC!!
24) Song for your funeral: Knocking on Heaven’s Door, by Guns ‘n’ Roses
25) Song that makes you laugh: Total Eclipse of the Heart- LITERAL version. If you haven’t seen this yet, watch it. When I first watched it, I laughed so hard I pulled a muscle!
26) Song you can play on an instrument: I have no musical talent, and can’t sing to save my life. Or yours!
27) Song you wish you could play: Erm… Twinkle Star would be a start!?
28) Song that makes you feel guilty: Run To You, by Bryan Adams. Actually- anything by Bryan Adams!
29) Song from your childhood: Jollity Farm, by the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band. I had to google this to check it wasn’t a figment of my imagination. Nope- my father just had a very strange taste in music!!!!!
30) Favourite song at this time last year: Hummingbirds, by Venus Hum. Maybe??

I’ve taken the next couple of days off so am going to Thetford Forest to see if I can spot adders- I’ve never seen any in the wild!
Next post- some lovely new photos from a shoot in Bournemouth! 🙂

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