Some fantastic news!

4 Jan

Hey everyone!

Happy New Year- hope this year is fantastic! Just wanted to say thanks to you all for your continued support. Keep reading, and give me feedback, dammit! 😀

I have some exciting projects coming up this year, travel planned to Paris, Germany and Sweden, and several magazine collaborations!
I also have, as said above, some FANTASTIC NEWS… in my last entry, I told you I’d entered a film reviewing competition. I have now been shortlisted for the main prize!!! Out of the six shortlisted, three will be highly commended, two will get £50, and one will get £100 AND a poster made of their film. Squeeeeeeeee!!! Wish me luck…

As a start to 2011, here’s what happened when I shot for the latest Eclectic Eccentricity lookbook:
(Actually, I thought I’d already posted about it but evidently not. Bloody Scatterbrain!)
We got ready at the EE office, a 15 minute walk from me, and shot at a local studio with the previous (lovely) team- Photographer Charlotte Rutherford and Make-up artist Ria Lingwood. Joining us to provide wardrobe styling was Jolene, who owns a vintage store called ReTreat.

Here’s me, getting my hair styled by Ria at the EE office.

I got to try on some amazing-looking dresses at the studio. I’ve always had mixed opinions about vintage style- most of the modern “vintage look” outfits look matronly on me as I have a very hourglass figure, but I got happier and happier trying on the outfits Jolene brought as they were genuine 40s-50s and fitted me!

Ria adding accessories, while Jolene (nice hair!!) watches. 😀 (I think this dress is actually 70s.)

As colour is supposed to be popular in Spring 2011, we went for a very bright look! I’d been posing while Ria went for a break… and came back with THIS little guy!!!

He’s been exploring the studios and the guy watching him said we could borrow him! Sadly, he didn’t like the flash when we tried to get some actual posed photos so we let him explore on his own. He wasn’t as terrified as he looks here- I promise! No animals were harmed in the making of this shoot 😀

See! Ooh, what’s this…|

His owner came in to pick him up later. He’s called Buddy- we’d been calling Horlicks after one of our team said he looked like a tub of Horlicks had run into a wall!!!
I can’t post any of the final pics up as the lookbook hasn’t gone to press yet, but you’ll see them soon. (Sadly, they don’t feature Buddy/Horlicks as he didn’t like the flash.)

I loved the outfits so much that when I was sent an invitation to a posh party, I went to see Jolene first and got a one-off gorgeous black and gold dress that was made to a pattern from 40’s Vogue!! I’ll be shooting it this month so you will get to see it.

As my housemate is now back from her Christmas/New Year holidays, I’m going to drink coffee and catch up…

Speak to you soon!



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