Tales From The Field

13 Dec

So, a couple of weeks ago, I shot with Pirate Photography. Here are some more:

I found the field a few minutes later. I had hoped that it would be covered in snow as it had been snowing all morning, but sadly all that warm sun had melted most of it. It had also turned the field into a mixture of ice and mud and it was on the other side of a ditch…

Bring it on.

Me celebrating my undignified squelchy landing on the other side of the ditch. (The towel took the place of my coat that I didn’t want to get muddy). 😉

To get good shots without towels or anything in the frame, I ran naked into the middle of the field, posed for five minutes with my feet sinking into freezing mud, and then came running (literally, running) back. Never a dull moment… 😀

I really like the way Kitten has made the scene look more wintry than it was.

I made my way back to the car wrapped in the towel, without boots, and accompanied by a band of dogwalkers that had appeared seconds after I crossed the ditch for the second time! (There was also a helicopter that mysteriously appeared about the same time as the dogwalkers.)
As I was waiting for Kitten to bring the car to the gate and wearing only a fluffy killer-whale-patterned towel, I was quizzed by a frightened-looking woman with a pushchair. Told her I was a lingerie model shooting a new collection but in hindsight, wished I’d told her I was a professional streaker.  (“Yes, I’m done for the day but you can catch me on the football pitch at 3pm tomorrow” !!!)

And these were taken back at mine, between hot chocolate breaks and a quick shower. (How did mud get on my chin? HOW???)
The amazing hat-that-rocks is by Joy Williams.
I did my own make-up.

I am shooting a fashion editorial with Pirate Photography early next year. It will be published. Any designers wanting to be featured/considered, please get in contact.


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