Lots of rocks

26 Nov

I’ve been doing NaNoWriMo for the second year running and would like to issue an apology to everyone I promised last year that I would never do this again… sorry. :S

For anyone not scared by the above sentence; NaNoWriMo participants pledge to write 50,000 words in 30 days. You can break it down to 1667 words per day and it sounds a hell of a lot less scary, but if you (like me) get behind by over 15,000 words, that doesn’t mean much! Two days ago, I locked myself in my studio with enough hot chocolate and coffee to drown someone and wrote around 5000 words a day. I’m nearly up to date but now can’t stop thinking about friendship, love and gang wars- (the theme of my second novel- last years’ was about post-apocalyptic mutated faeries).

I’d been waiting for a good time to post these for weeks and then along came the perfect situation. Here’s how I’m feeling now: doing a difficult thing and hoping the end result will be beautiful.
LOVE these photos- they’re from my shoot in Belfast with Errol Forbes and I’m waiting for some more- very excited! 🙂

Guess where we were shooting?? (only the rocks I’m holding were photoshopped).

At the time, I had a horrendous cold. (I was running off every twenty shots to blow my nose) so I wasn’t as excited to be in Belfast as I wanted to be.  Errol (who was lovely) picked me up from the airport and dropped me off at Vagabonds hostel where I stayed.
It rocks. Anyone going to Belfast, stay there. There’s breakfast, cosy beds, a common room and a kitchen full of graffiti/artwork, maps and a log fire. I was also lucky enough to have some great company- made friends with a German couple, an Aussie guy (hello Steel from Melbourne!) , some Canadians and a birthday party of Scots.
Highlights of the night included educating people about Torture Garden, dancing to Rammstein (“ooh- German music!”), and discovering most of our group had never heard of Cheryl Cole. 😀

I’m planning to go on a mini-tour of Ireland next year so I can explore more (and shoot more of course!). I loved shooting with Errol- he had some amazing ideas and gave me a little tour of the area in our break. Thankyou- very much appreciated!

Anyway… NaNoWriMo ends on Tuesday and I can finally put the coffee down. Wish me luck!


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