Roswell Ivory Barcelona: Part Two

19 Oct

#3: Cathedral Day
Everyone I knew who had ever been to Barcelona raved about the tour bus, so now it’s my turn: If you ever visit Barcelona, go on the tour bus!! It’s around 30 Euros for two days, visits all the main landmarks and you can get on and off whenever you want!

So we did.

I promised the weirdest cathedral you would ever see- well here it is! This is the Sagrada Familia and it was designed by an architect called Gaudi, who was a little bit insane and loved/was always inspired by nature. My kind of guy. More about him later. 🙂

He designed this.
Over 100 years later, it still isn’t finished.

I think the back is beautiful in a “looks-like-the-gates-of-hell with added angels” sort of way…

Here is the side, featuring lizards, snakes, and those eternal guardians of churches: snails. And is that a CROCODILE at the right of the second picture???

The front shows the crucifixion:

But what are the ringwraiths doing there???

Want to go inside??

As I said, there’s still work being done. Just what you want to see inside a cathedral: a man with an angle-grinder!!

I HAVE to go back when it’s done, if I’m not too old and senile by then!!

After dragging ourselves away, we went to Parc Guell, which was halfway up a mountain and has this little guy (also designed by Gaudi):

Amazing view! Check out Gaudi’s other twisty towers:

And then to the old palace of the Spanish Royal Family and sat in the gardens, which was soooo beautiful and peaceful despite being right next to a busy road and had resident green parakeets.

As it was getting dark, we headed back to the Ramblas and consumed vast quantities of crème catalan ice-cream (with Chantilly cream on top- oh goddddddd) while sitting in the Triangle until about midnight.

#4: Mountain Day
We had planned to get up early for the tour bus- well that didn’t happen! So after finding breakfast at the market, off we went again. We stopped at the Ethnological Museum, which was on top of another mountain, overlooking the city and the sea, and was decorated with naked ladies. Hooray for nudity!!!

After a violet ice-cream I just *had to* try (tasted like Parma Violets), we went exploring the avenues (still halfway up the mountain). I kept seeing stunning locations for photoshoots, but as the place was full of tourists, I thought ripping my kit off and standing on a tree trunk might just get me at best stared at and at worst arrested. So I didn’t. (This later will become highly relevant.)

We went searching for Botanical Gardens on the wrong side of the mountain and found cacti instead. And surprisingly good pizza. Sadly, I suffer badly in the heat and didn’t have the energy to climb and talk/look at scenery but the view at the top was worth it. I could see the Montserrat mountains, the sea and the Sagrada Familia!
The camera(phone) decided to play up at this point. Sorry about that- instead, have a sculpture of an acrobatic elephant. It isn’t quite as cool but it is very acrobatic.

When we got to our last stop, “Barri Gotic” (the Gothic Quarter), I realised I knew where we were and could walk home from there- but only after finding the pastry shop and discovering that the meringues on the left had the texture of whipped cream. So much better than English meringues!

I do have pictures of the Gothic Quarter, but I’m saving them for next entry, where I go on the best walking tour ever, make some new friends, and learn a very interesting law in Barcelona

As I said, I came home to some nice surprises. Here’s another: The new flyer for Festival Of Sins is out!
The theme is Sloth and here’s me looking very sleepy.
Photo: Team Binkertson
Wardrobe: Nikita Sablier (Easy Tiger is wearing Lacing Lilith)
L-R: Madame Bink, Anita Debauch, Easy Tiger, Me (Roswell Ivory), Ella Devine Boykitten,


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