Area 51 (and three quarters)

24 Sep

Yes I’m a geek. (The whole being-called-Roswell thing gives it away really)! But now I’m a geek with a studio, and in sci-fi and fantasy style, I have called it Area 51 and three quarters.
If you don’t like that, take it to Pirate Photography who has a cat called Seven Of Nine. ;oP

Want a tour?

Bookcase, stuff on walls, army helmet and weeny laptop desk with way too many notebooks crammed under it… check! Hoping to install a sofa in one corner eventually.
The wall behind me is bare for taking photos against.

This is where the writing action happens… (and procrastination- the book is “The Raw Shark Texts” and I can’t put it down!!)

Indulging my love of cartoon warrior girls:

And if I’m going to walk around in my slippers, they will be big black fluffy slippers 😉  (Next to one of my paintings I *really* need to put up now it has been framed.)

And here’s me, by Pirate Photography. An unedited testing-camera shot but I like it!

And one last one from the spiky-earmuffs set- taken in here:

I also have some new photos from a shoot I did with the amazing Rhian Cox photography but I’m waiting excitedly for the full set. They feature hair. Lots and lots of hair…

See ya!

2 Responses to “Area 51 (and three quarters)”

  1. KathTeaChin October 1, 2010 at 7:07 am #

    I should really redecorate my bedroom in the style of yours… Mine is really messy and the wall I usually use for taking pictures is swarmed with outdated posters of my favourite celebs… Main thing I have to do is clean up, rearrange a bit and take the posters off once and for all.

    After all, I have been a little more active when it comes to photography and modeling now that I have started to work with my buddy who’s taking a degree in Photography.

    Thank goodness you have this blog post! Otherwise I will not have any good inspiration to renew my bedroom! Really, your writing space plus studio looks like a place where magic happens. My room looks like the four horsemen of the apocalypse partied last night.

    Last thing, I just adore that unedited photo! So pretty and simple! Luckily I finally decided to go from your dA profile to your blog ^^

    • roswellivory October 3, 2010 at 2:23 pm #

      Lol! I had a major tidy-up before I took the photos- it usually has whatever I’m working on all over the floor. 😉
      Really glad you have been inspired, and that you’ve come to say hi! 😀

      R xxx

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