In the 50’s, last year…

18 Sep

I posted some tearsheets from the latest Eclectic Eccentricity lookbook a few days ago- and then remembered I never posted the tearsheets from the previous lookbook!!

Last time, we followed a 50’s theme and shot in the local woodland before going to a studio above a camera shop in a little Norfolk village! It was the first time I had met Lucy Averill (the designer) and Charlotte Rutherford (the photographer) so was a little nervous but we had a great (and hilarious) shoot with Gill (already a friend of mine- and our creative assistant).

We first visited Sam Chapman, the Make-up Artist/Hair Stylist at home so she could make me pretty! 🙂
Sam working her magic:

As we shot in October, it was chilly and drizzly but I got used to the temperature quite quickly. I fell in love with this pea necklace and didn’t want to take it off!

We moved into the warm studio with armfuls of props and dresses! The little bird made his first appearance… though I’ve forgotten what was making me laugh so much!

Could have been the comparison to Giselle in Enchanted…

Charlotte photographing me, with Gill holding the reflector 🙂 I think we attacked the sandwiches after this set!

And then I got all wild and started pouring water down my top! 😛

We did much dancing around with a certain red hobby horse that we all fell in love with and ended up shooting quite late- there were so many pretties I just *had* to try on. Very tiring but fun!

And here are some tearsheets from the finished lookbook…

More of this set can be found in the Spring/Summer 10 lookbook and the Eclectic Eccentricity website!


One Response to “In the 50’s, last year…”

  1. Christian Wilcox September 19, 2010 at 7:53 am #

    Your face is fantastic. Great cheekbones.

    A Pea Necklace, hmm…

    I like that tweety though. With birds-nest hair he’s fun 🙂

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