Shooting from home

23 Aug

On Friday, Kitten (aka Pirate Photography) came over to my house for a shoot! We are both sci-fi geeks and crazy cat ladies in training.
We were going to shoot some candid sets around my house but as it was such a gorgeous day we headed out to the nearest park, which has trees, a beautiful wisteria-covered avenue and a pavilion in the middle. I changed into my latex and did my make-up and hair in the house so we looked quite interesting walking down the road accompanied by location-scout/shoe-holder/boyfriend Tom, who had a day off work.
One thing I love about living in Norwich: we got absolutely NO comments from chavs! A few funny looks, yes but no persistent idiots.
I’m waiting for a few more shots from the avenue so here’s one from the pavilion, where I contemplated jumping onto the pedestal in the middle of the waterway, but decided wading through the rainy water would be grosser but safer!
Yes, I’m wearing a wig. More shots of it to come soon.

We then moved it back to my studio, where we raided the latex and accessories collection and took some headshots.The spiky earmuffs were from Spank, but they broke so I temporarily fixed them to an alice-band.

Military-style underbust corset from Libidex.

As Kitten has the world’s supply of cameras and equipment, we played around with the polaroid camera- which was a new experience for me! It’s quite a surreal thing watching the images gradually turn from blank cards to pictures, and very interesting. Here’s a shot of them all:

Major huge thanks to Kitten for sending me edits already!!! This lady must have worked through the night. I am still waiting for images from shoots a YEAR ago!

More photos coming soon- and some exciting new tearsheets…


3 Responses to “Shooting from home”

  1. Kitten August 23, 2010 at 8:28 pm #

    😀 I have just sent you more hehe including an outtake 😛

  2. Christian Wilcox August 24, 2010 at 8:05 am #

    I like the underbust corset. It’s got a nice cut to it, and I’m guessing is low enough to not ‘chafe’ certain things.

    Nice 🙂

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