A Mellow Moment

3 Aug

I returned from Ireland on Thursday (that’s another blog entry) and this is the first day I’ve actually sat still- and I’m enjoying it!
Thursday- Flew home and slept!
Friday- Worked
Saturday am- Moved house (Yes, MOVED HOUSE)
pm- Attended Norwich Pride
Sunday- Worked (8-hour bondage shoot)
Monday- Worked

So I’m now sitting in my new garden and hoping the neighbours like Eddie Vedder, while watching bumblebees and butterflies enjoying the honeysuckle. I can also see the neighbours’ runner beans. My poor cactus-y thing had to be put into “intensive care” as I’m NOT good with plants. Sorry, cactus-y thing. One day I’ll find out what you are actually called.
As it’s afternoon on a weekday (and there was a huge accident earlier so they’ve closed the road!), it’s very peaceful.
I’m still living out of boxes but the fact that I now have my own studio is more than making up for that!!

Just before I left for Ireland, I posed for an artist for the first time! Ileana Hunter is amazing- she works with graphite pencil to produce pictures so accurate they could be photos! She shares my love for fairytales and old movie stars and has an adorable dog that looks like an arctic fox with a husky’s tail.
I posed for photo reference material at her studio which was two seconds from my old flat. Here is one of her “quick pieces”, showing how I feel now (that’s tranquil, not naked!!!)

And here’s a close-up

HERE is her website. Go and look.
More drawings are on their way.

Anyway, Pride…
Last time, I painted myself up. This time, I couldn’t find my make-up box in the huge pile of stuff I’d just unloaded so I had to go make-up-less (and almost bra-less as most of my underwear mysteriously disappeared but I found one eventually). I’ve always managed to miss London Pride so am making a point of attending the Norwich one religiously. I swear, even though this was only the second ever Norwich Pride, there were about twice as many people as the first (though I couldn’t see any of my friends so I marched on my lonesome).

It was so friendly and welcoming to everyone (straight or otherwise) and the fact that there are now many events across the country (and even in Ireland, as I found out) makes me a very happy lady. I guessed about 2000 people, versus the 10-at-the-MOST sour-faced people** holding banners saying “Christ can cure gays”. I kid you not.
I’ll save the fact-filled essay for another time. ;o)
** I feel that calling them Christians is an insult to my lovely Christian friends- and mum. (Christ taught about love and respect and hung out with the outcasts of his society- the people with banners did not.)

Here are some photos from the Norwich Pride website:

The mayor launches the Parade

The Norwich Samba group lead the Parade


A steward!
For anyone interested, I cannot recommend this film enough:

It is about the life of Harvey Milk, the first openly gay man to be elected to public office in California.

This was in the 70’s, where attitudes to gay people were horrendous to say the least- and along comes this hippy civilian who gets up on a soapbox and declares “My name is Harvey Milk and I want to recruit you!” The film follows the rest of his life- and explains where using the Rainbow symbol for Gay Rights comes from.
Seriously, watch it. 🙂
See you!


Next time: A new documentary from Roswell Attenborough: “Life in Freezing Cold Water”

2 Responses to “A Mellow Moment”

  1. NAOMI August 7, 2010 at 7:23 am #

    lovely art! Remarkable ability with pencil! Quite extraordinary! And yes, I agree about the sour-faceds at Pride – hardly in the spirit of “christian charity”, no? And NOT representative, I believe, of Xtians as a whole, as you say.
    Do see if you can find the film titled “The Times of Harvey Milk” – documentary made in 1984 – which features archive footage of the man himself, and all his actual team. Very heartwrenching though, as we know what happened . . . http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0088275/
    TTFN ~ N x

    • roswellivory August 7, 2010 at 10:34 pm #

      She’s amazing isn’t she!!? Those “speed drawings” of hers take only one hour. *faints*

      I’ll see if the library has it- I’m hoping for a chilled-out Sunday with the TV…
      Hope you had a good day off today! 😀


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