17 Jul

I was put off history on my second day of high school when I misunderstood the first day’s homework question and wrote a fact-filled story about a Victorian peasant instead of an essay about peasant life. I got yelled at in front of the class. *cringe*

On Sunday, I went to Kentwell Hall, which is an enormous beautiful old Tudor estate with several huge gardens, a moat (containing a few hundred evil fish), woodland, a farm and the coolest tree I’ve seen since these ones in Sequoia National Park (CA).
Here- have a panoramic:

My cameraphone isn’t speaking to my computer so I’ve got some photos from the Kentwell website:

There was a Tudor re-enactment day going on so we were surrounded by 200+ people in period costume making interesting things out of marzipan, playing music and forging chain mail while saying things like “my lady that armour looks well on you though it is not generally worn in *quite* that way”…
We crossed the bridge over the moat and witnessed a carp feeding frenzy. I swear it was a scene from hell! It’s their mouths and the way they all fought about for the food we had.

Me: What are these? They aren’t Koi, are they?
Tudor: Nay, they’re carp. We did begin with thirty or so and then they grew.
Me: I feel a bit sorry for the duck. *looks at nervous-looking duck on the edge of the feeding frenzy*
Tudor: It has been known for the fish to take the young that venture into the moat too young.
Me: *looks at gaping fish mouths* They…eat…ducklings…??
Tudor: Oh aye.
Me: O_O

We later came across a secret woodland den of alchemists waving pickled things in jars. Apparently putting the colours of a peacock’s tail in order gives you the formula for the Elixir of Life, but it takes more than one lifetime to do it, which defeats the point a little!

The gardens have the most beautiful sculpture carved from a whole cedar tree. Each side had a different entrance on it- I may have to find a quiet day to go back as I’m dying to take more pictures!

(And as I didn’t get yelled at for making up stories about the tree and it’s origins, that was my kind of history lesson. )
I took a break from shooting this past month to work on writing and I have missed it! I had my first photoshoot in ages on Wednesday with an artist who will then draw from the photos!

Here’s another photo-story from John Tisbury– I’ve called it Samson’s Mistake. 🙂
We found these pillars in the derelict church we shot in and I had the idea of being tied between them like Samson and “pulling them down”. (Samson was a character in the Old Testament, who was immensely strong.  He was tied to the pillars of a temple and pulled the building down on top of himself, killing the Philistines within, in revenge for them blinding him.)

I like the way it looks like I’m balancing on my tiptoes! (My weight is on my other foot.)

And here is an outtake I liked so much we edited it. It was taken seconds after an entire family walked in and I was just getting my composure back having realised they didn’t care I was naked!

Looking forward to having some new shoots to post!


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