A Woman of Words

4 Jul

I’ve been writing.

I currently have a review pending approval and, being superstitious, am touching the wooden table now. I also have written my backstage account of the German Fetish Ball for the Fetishistas here and a “How To” information guide on Flash Fiction (teeny weeny short stories with a beginning, middle, end, and a discernible plot) for the Mookychicks online magazine. I have even included some of my own work! Go and have a look. In fact, go and have a look at the Mookychicks site anyway because it rocks.

Click here for my article (and story!)

I have a lot of respect for the Mookychicks, being an online magazine with more interesting articles than the usual celebrity crap, diets and shock factors most magazines go for. The site specialises in “How To” guides, alternative style features and spotlights on interesting people, as well as running competitions and reviews of recent games, films and books. Columns include “Girl Geek”, “Activism” and “Kitsch Bitsch”.

I’ve found a place the alternative-and-like-minded can hang out. (And talk on the forums).

Someone else has been writing too; A while ago I posted up THIS picture on DeviantArt, and lea-M was inspired to write some poetry. She mailed it to me and I thought the least I could do was put it up here for you all to see!

Slave I am.
Since I was born.
Sold from master to master.
My life has never belonged to me.
For clothes, only padlock and chains.

But today,
Hope is there.
For the first time,
my star leaves the floor,
my voice goes through my lips.

Light is hope…

Thankyou muchly, lea-M. You rock.

I also got the two other photos in the set along with more shots from Spain, from John Tisbury. I’m saving some for my website so for now, here’s this set:

I did my own hair and make-up for the shoot, and dunked my head under the tap. Make-up was from Urban Decay, which I looooove! (Shades Zero and Ransom.) I was trying to vary my expressions for each shot without being too extreme, and I love doing different things with my hair. I know it lends itself to the “long and flowing” thing, but I like experimenting. 🙂

See you,


7 Responses to “A Woman of Words”

  1. Léa July 4, 2010 at 7:41 pm #

    Thank’s a Lot


  2. Christian Wilcox July 4, 2010 at 8:12 pm #

    Nice poetry. My compliments to the chef 😉

    And very beautiful pictures as always. If you ever find yourself single and lost in deepest darkest sarf lahnden then wear more. Trust me on that one 😉

    A 100 word challenge eh? I’m Haiku dry at the minute so I may have to ponder on that. I don’t have time for fiction, with my life being as colourful as it is, but even so. I do therapeutic writing, so maybe a new style will help.

    Your eyes just catch me,
    Skin and beauty all the way,
    So my kinda gal.

    Off the top of my head. As a compliment seeing as you share such lovely work and that 🙂

    • roswellivory July 6, 2010 at 3:08 pm #

      I’m very happy with my boyfriend, but thankyou.

      Lol- cool. I’m now going to end up procrastinating with haikus all day, dammit!

      • Christian Wilcox July 6, 2010 at 4:28 pm #

        It’s ok babe. I know you had a boyfriend. And you’re bloody miles away as well. I’m not like that.

        I’ve reliably tried to re-assure people that ‘not single enough’ does mean something to me. Sadly some people never listened for some bizarre reason.

        That’s just in case the grape-vine is still jingling away etc etc. Usual disclaimers apply.

  3. Christian Wilcox July 5, 2010 at 11:52 am #

    And just to show I was paying attention and that.


    Not too distracted. Apart from story 5 obviously. Freud had a what now? 😀

    Yeah, 100 word challenges. Those were quite fun.

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