Deadly Sins…

29 Jun

So, last weekend was weekend #2.

I got up at an obscene hour (6:45) and got the train to London for a photoshoot with Team Binkertson, the Festival Of Sin team and some lovely other models (Ella DeVine, Anita DeBauch, Easy Tiger, Boykitten and Madame Bink).

We were shooting for the posters publicising the event so got to act out the deadly sins in outfits by Lacing Lilith, Nikita Sablier, Ghoulia’s Peculiars and AM Statik latex. (It’s always good shooting Gluttony as cakes tend to appear…) I’m not going to reveal too much about what we were doing so the posters will be a surprise (and so the F of S team don’t kill me) but I will say:

– Yes, I appeared naked (as did others)

– There was an epic pile of cake

– Madame Bink found herself posing in one of the most painful positions I’ve seen in a long time

– It may be hard to recognise some of us (some got makeovers!)

– You may die with longing over Easy Tiger’s Lacing Lilith outfit.

Here are some backstage shots, collectively known as “How to cram fifteen or so people into one relatively small room.” It’s a bit hard to tell who’s who but I’ll do my best:

L-R: Ella DeVine, Dee, Easy Tiger, Me (Roswell Ivory), Anita DeBauch, Boykitten

L-R: Easy Tiger, Me (Roswell Ivory), May Lustreality, Boykitten, Ella DeVine, Paul Lacing Lilith, Adam Robertson

L-R: Easy Tiger, Me (Roswell Ivory), Ella DeVine, Boykitten, Anita DeBauch

The studio building was amazing- it was some kind of art-hive. It was huge and made up of glass-covered fishbowl-style studios and art-covered corridors. Some rooms obviously belonged to clothing designers and others to musicians. I could have lived there- my artwork is taking over my flat!

I then went to Wagamama in Spitalfields for some lunch with Easy Tiger and Anita DeBauch (if you’ve never been to Wagamama, go immediately and have the dumplings). Lunch with friends is always good but even better when you are discussing vagina-themed events, army uniform, vegans and virginity loss (with actions). You have to love those surreal moments…


P.S. Here’s another photo from my shoot a while ago with Rebecca Tun. The only sin here may be having a shower with my clothes on, but what the heck- I like it.

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