My Day Off.

25 Jun

I just spent two weekends with the Festival Of Sin team!

Weekend #1

Usually if I’m in London I’m working, but weekend #1 was different as I came to visit friends and celebrate photographer Adam Robertson’s birthday! I was very excited when I realised I couldn’t actually remember the last time I went somewhere with no obligations or appointments at all.

I met up with Sophie (HMSlatex), Ruby True and Tony Mitchell (Fetishistas) to drink coffee and chat before going for some yummy Japanese food in Chinatown (yes, Chinatown). The salmon teriyaki bento box was amazing, and I managed my chopsticks. (I can use chopsticks with most things but still have problems with rice and noodles.)
We then caught the bus to the Purple Turtle in Mornington Crescent.

Wait… no we didn’t.

I hadn’t enough money on my oyster so while buying a ticket at the machine, the nice bus driver drove off without me. So I got the tube after getting a text to say the bus was actually going the wrong way. Oops. *^_^*

After being approved by the doormen at the Purple Turtle (who were rude, overzealous and nearly began cavity searching everyone), I got my free gift of a knitted éclair and got inside in time for some performances:
Ok, Fred and the Bears ROCKED!!! They are a cabaret team of Bears, and they have badges and teddies. Here’s a shot from their “fashion show”. 🙂

The compere:

What do nude models do on their day off?
Dance to Lady GaGa or course!
This is the lovely Madame Bink, and the back of Ivory Flame’s head.

I found some intriguing reading…

The talented Veronika Valentine did a fantastic show (can’t find pictures but take my word for it, she looked amazing) and I’m now saving up for some Nikita Sablier outfits after lusting after them in her fashion show.

The pics are by Dafydd.

I stayed with Anita DeBauch, who was also hosting Ivory Flame (who I hadn’t seen in ages!) and stayed up eating pizza and talking about films until the sun came up. Four hours sleep later and I was getting packed up so I could skip the engineering works (Norwich/London connections on a Sunday- let’s not go there) and get home at a reasonable time.

Had an fantastic weekend thanks to my most amazing friends and really must stop leaving it so long between just-for-fun nights out. Not that I don’t have fun when I’m working, but there is something very nice about knowing I can do anything/go anywhere and not worry that I have to be somewhere in a few hours.
I usually think only dead fish go with the flow, but this time I enjoyed doing just that. :o)

See you,


P.S. Weekend #2 coming soon…

2 Responses to “My Day Off.”

  1. Y||B June 25, 2010 at 7:09 am #

    Oh, they were only rude to people they didn’t know 😉
    And one truffle and they were eating out of your hand…see, chocolate is just such an universal tool.

    All in all, a nice evening.

    • roswellivory June 25, 2010 at 12:18 pm #

      Lol! Ok, I shall arm myself with truffles next time. 😀

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