German Fetish Ball: Part One

25 May

I’m back! Despite having the cold and face-swellage of doom, I had a fantastic time and even managed to use the only German I know within the first few minutes of being there:
Me: “Guten Tag!”
Taxi Driver: “Guten Tag!”

Taxi Driver: *sneeze*
Me: “Gesundheit!”

That is the extent of my German vocabulary.
Luckily almost everyone I met was either French or Swedish! It was good meeting up with the Bal Des Supplices people again now that my French has improved a little.

I didn’t really do much, having spent half of Thursday night in the airport eating Ben and Jerry’s and reading Lord of the Rings, and the other half freaking out in the chemist. But I did pull myself out of bed for dinner with some of the Fetishistas team…

Dave: “You are gay. With your gay washbag.”
Tony: “Are you talking about my leather Marks and Spencer washbag?”
Dave: “Yes!”
Tony: “That isn’t gay. There is nothing gay about Marks and Spencers! Or leather.”

… and for the pre-party, which was held at a permanent fetish club:
The place was like a vertical labyrinth (minus David Bowie, though one of the guests did look like him!) with a small dancefloor, cool artwork everywhere, a lot of equipment and an outdoors area. I didn’t know the German for “water”… but have just remembered it now- dammit!!… so went with the good old universally understood Coca Cola.
Finally met Sophie (Naucler latex) and everyone I hadn’t seen in ages. I did plan on getting a relatively early night but ended up in the lobby discussing the Matrix with Helene Atsuko and new friend Seef. 😀

Visited the Fetish Fair in the morning and ran into more old friends (hello Rubber55 and fetishfoto!) Nearly cried with longing over more than a few outfits/epic skintage.
Headed to the venue (HERE- Edelfettwerk) for a rehearsal and photoshoot with Matthieu Richardoz (husband of Sophie HMSlatex). Pictures from the shoot coming soon but here’s one from just before the rehearsal:

I’m ill and make-up-less and sleepy but what the hell- I HAVE BALLOOOONS!

I was asked at the last minute to model in another show that night so headed back to the hotel where the lovely Ruby True did my hair (I did my own make-up) and then back for the fashion show.

I usually jitter away backstage no matter how big or small the show is, but I was too busy preparing for two shows to be nervous!
*ahem* did I mention I love military stuff?? 😀

Here I am in the Velda Lauder show. The other lovely lady is Viktoria. She speaks three languages and is learning a fourth!! Clever thingy.

The military girls!

And the whole shebang!

Here are Diane and Velda Lauder backstage 🙂

Rushed backstage, got changed. Ten minutes later, I was onstage again- this time for HMSlatex– and with balloons. I don’t have all of the photos back yet but here are a couple:

Yes I was having fun!

All of us: L-R:  Amethysta, Me (Roswell Ivory), Cybex, Saba, Marie Kalista, Bambi, Whisper, Minon, Ruby. MAJOR respect to Ruby for doing the entire show en pointe!

I spent the rest of the night hanging out with friends (old and new) and hoping certain people recovered from certain injuries…
Got back to the hotel at 4am and after putting a worse-for-wear friend to bed, was too bouncy to sleep so spent the night zooming around the hotel/my room. Must have missed Kumi who was apparently doing the same!

Next post: exploring Hamburg, VIP lounges and the Red Light District…

If Germany doesn’t do it for you, check out my review of Japanese film “Kamikaze Girls”!!!

Yes, this as shameless a plug as it gets but I’m tired and subtlety was never my thing.

See ya!


2 Responses to “German Fetish Ball: Part One”

  1. Druidess Of Midian August 5, 2010 at 8:31 pm #

    Looks like you’ve been having a fantastically amazing time me-dear! lolz at the piccy of Velda, been yonks since I saw her last! (Was for a measuring at her house, was all nice till she accused me of being anorexic… *Grrrr* She’s not used to making smaller sized corsets I guess! lol! ;o) )

    • roswellivory August 6, 2010 at 11:11 am #

      Helloooooo! LONG time no speak! Hope all’s going well!
      It’s been hectic but really fun thanks 🙂
      Ah well- I can never find trousers to fit- I’m going to start making my own!


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