Spain Part Two

19 Apr

I’ve had quite an exciting few days- I went to a wedding reception on Thursday for one of my favourite geeky couples, whose vows included a promise of protection during a zombie apocalypse.  Congratulations Jos and Caitlin!

I am now speechless- I went to Alton Towers yesterday and screamed myself hoarse on the rides. Nemesis still rocks, as does Air and I decided I like Rita- Queen of Speed after all. (Last time, I was talking to a friend when the ride took off at about 100mph and I felt like I’d left my skeleton behind on the track). Kudos to the duck that was trying to sleep right next to the ground-rumblingly noisy Oblivion.
There was a new aquarium that wasn’t there last time I went! It had blacktip reef sharks, seahorses, friendly rays and cowfish which are indescribably cool.
This is a cowfish.

I’m going to London tomorrow to sort out photos and website-related things (hooray!)
Here’s the rest of my week in Spain:

Day #4

We had a half-day so that we could have a bit of a rest and explore the town (which was soooo quiet) and so I shot a couple of bondage sets with John Tisbury in the morning, by the side of a little church overlooking the sea. It was very windy but sunny and eye-wateringly beautiful. (The water was so clear you could see fish at the bottom and there were little islands with gulls just off the shore).

After finishing shooting I went exploring with Iveta and Anita. It was nice to get to know each other better- they are both lovely. We ended up eating ice-cream in a little cafe and then walking along the beach… taking photos of each other. Day off? Nah.

The eroded rock formations by the beach

Charlie’s Angels!

Us at the villa

Day #5

Started with a trip to a little railway station with one track and a little bench, where the three of us shot together for the first time. We attracted a bit of attention. *cough*
The entire village came to a standstill- there were people stopping cars in the street, taking photos themselves and waving.

We then visited a burnt-out building with various interesting rooms to shoot in. I did try to shoot on the railway track with Gregory Miles Brown but the mosquitoes had other ideas.

I then decided it would be a great idea to cover myself in soot for a few shots…

Then remembered we were going to another location afterward. SLAGIATT.

In getting the soot off, we tragically lost an entire pack of make-up wipes, a small tube of moisturiser (mine), another small tube of moisturiser (Anita’s), half a tube of suncream and a roll and a half of loo roll.
But it came off in time for us to reach an abandoned mining town, with old carts, graffiti and rusty machinery. I shot an action-video-game-still- inspired set with John Evans (coming soon) and then as the sun came out at the last possible second, we rushed to a black beach to shoot in the sunset! I was freeeezing but it was worth it. We were observed by some very well wrapped-up fishermen. I understood a word of conversation. “Loco” is Spanish for “crazy”. :o/

Went back to the villa for dinner and a shower.

Day #6

We spent the day in an even bigger mining town which looked like the set of a film- my obsession with post-apocalyptic worlds and fantastical creatures went into overdrive. Apparently, it was originally a Roman town and most of the original layout was untouched (though the buildings were relatively new).

Anita had an accident with some broken glass so sadly had to go for bandages while I continued my shoot with John Tisbury. We ended up looking for shelter inside one of the buildings as it started to rain but have some good photos. Here’s one. More to come.

Anita (with bandaged foot but otherwise ok) arrived back and we swapped around- I spent the rest of the day standing on corrugated iron in heels, swinging from bars and wearing a tutu. Just a normal shoot with Gregory Miles Brown,  really!

It was quite sad knowing we were leaving the next day but I did miss the bustle of a busier town! I write in Starbucks so there’s always background noise. I also wanted to do some novel-writing.

Day #7

Most of the day was spent packing and paranoia-ing that I’d left something somewhere but never remembering what or where.
I did fit in a small shoot with John Tisbury though as I do rather love my neck corset and had an idea involving hair and make-up.

The flight was late but uneventful- though my train was a couple of hours late. RIP poor suicidal person. 😦 I stayed the night at my mum’s as I had a photoshoot in London the next day.

Here’s a last shot from Spain. We are being the “wise monkeys” (hear no evil see no evil speak no evil)


2 Responses to “Spain Part Two”

  1. Lucy September 5, 2013 at 7:23 am #

    I absolutely adore the neck corset!

    Any feedback on where it’s from

    • roswellivory September 5, 2013 at 7:50 am #

      Thanks! I actually bought it from a friend several years ago so have no idea where it’s from. I’m thinking of selling it though… 😉

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