First post- Shoot in Spain

14 Apr

Hello! I’ve moved my blog from Livejournal to here as Livejournal has gone a bit quiet recently!

I’m posting a taster of our trip as the majority of the photos will go on my website when it is launched. That said…
(I know the pictures are small but I can’t work out how to mke them bigger without them becoming pixellated! First blog teething problem.)

…I went to Spain a few weeks ago with Anita De Bauch, Iveta Niklova, John Tisbury, John Evans and Gregory Miles Brown to shoot a week of nudes and fetish-y work.

I got up at 5am to make the journey from Norwich to Gatwick Airport, got the flight at around midday and arrived in sunny Murcia (southern Spain) in the afternoon. Was very excited to see the Pyrenees from the plane window!

Day #1

We visited an abandoned church, where I shot a couple of bondage sets with John T (think Samson pulling the building down- pics coming soon) and then some more classical nudes with John E.

The church was still beautiful despite being in ruins- there were so many locations to shoot in, we could have spent a couple of days there. The pictures of the building etc are by Anita De Bauch, who brought her own camera!

Us outside: L-R- Anita De Bauch, Me (Roswell Ivory), Iveta Niklova

Here’s one of my favourites from the actual shoot- it was taken in the tallest tower. Beautiful place, but populated by pigeons. Hundreds and hundreds of pigeons……

Picture by John Evans


I was very surprised by the attitudes of the Spanish people to nudity! I got a bit worried that we were about to be arrested but after greeting an entire family and their dog while tied to a post, realised the English are even more uptight than I thought. Having modelled for a few years now, I have noticed my modesty has disappeared! (There is none backstage at fashion shows or at shoots).

Day 2:

We drove to an old watchtower by the sea! (There were so many peninsulas on the coast, it was hard to tell what was island or mainland.) The view was incredible- bright blue sea, fishing boats and hardly a cloud in the sky. I started the day shooting nudes (and nudes-with-a-hat) with Greg and though the wind decided not to co-operate, we found a new use for a big piece of material!

We had lunch and watched the sea, then I headed back to the villa to shoot nudes with John E- I loved the courtyard- it had a lemon tree and big metal sculptures of geckoes on the wall. And it was like a big lightbox so was nicely flattering. *grins*

Blue Steel! (by John Evans).

Day 3:

We spent the day at “The Location”, which was an hour and a half hike up a mountain- and it was worth it! It was warm in the sunlight but cool under the pine trees and there were little stripy green lizards on the wall. The Location itself was another watchtower-y thing with huuuuuge cannons, lots of metal rivets and an underground passage with skylights.

Despite modelling in an artistic nude manner, a band of German tourists didn’t seem to appreciate the three naked girls perched on various guns and towers! Oh well…

This is the view from about three quarters of the way up!

And here’s one from Gregory Miles Brown:

Days four- seven from Spain coming soon…

I’m in the fashion show for HMSlatex at the German Fetish Ball, which is on the 13th-17th of May. I’ve never been to Germany before and barely know a word of German but am very excited. If you’re going, come and say hi!

I’m going to carry on with what I’m supposed to be doing now…


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  1. Tanner Terinoni April 26, 2010 at 9:08 am #

    Your blog is so informative … ..I just bookmarked you….keep up the good work!!!!

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