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20 Feb

Hey there!

I’ve had a heck of a month so far- lots of interesting photoshoots and lovely people that I can’t wait to tell you all about. So far this week, I’ve been a Maenad, a mermaid, Scheherazade (my favourite character- I’ll tell you all about her one day), a ponygirl, and a dancing Renaissance lady. The latter has already made it onto the front page of Purpleport!

Photo by Aesir Rey (who is wonderfully geeky and has excellent taste in gingerbread penguins).
All styling and outfit made by me

This blog has also been featured in a very complimentary article about female bloggers! Neon Nettle have published “The 10 Sexiest Bloggers on the ‘Net Right Now”, which features ten models/bloggers who talk about more than the industry. I am thankful every day for my success as a model but even more so when my words and thoughts are valued as much as my face and body. The ‘thick model’ stereotype is just that- a stereotype, and I wish somebody could tell that to yesterday’s taxi driver transporting myself and a lost Kitty Quinzell: “Oh no, there’s no hope- a blonde and a model!” Yes, there are models whose mere presence makes me worry that my brain cells are evacuating in protest, but the models I have become friends with and enjoy talking to are far more plentiful. Some of them are in the article- have a read! :)

I’m back in Holland next month to walk in a fashion show for the beautiful Ardita Fetish Fashion, which reminded me I haven’t yet posted Ben Ernst‘s photographs of me from my last visit! We shot on this fantastic scaffolding setup, which was actually pretty high from the ground!






Any latex designers reading this? I have broken these trousers and would love them fixed please! I’ll give you a free rein to customise them! :)

I have, of course, saved my biggest news until last. for any of you who have not read my recent interview in Cloud Orchid magazine… I HAVE A PLACE OF MY OWN!!! There is a twist, of course- you can find out what it is if you read the interview. ;) All I’ll say here is I have put my deposit down and if all goes fine, I’ll be living there by the end of March!

I have so much to write about so am going to get this restless cat off my knee and get on with it. (Okay, one more cuddle…)


The Battle of Byrd’s Barns

22 Jun

I’m in Belgium. Godiva truffles happened. :S

Now I’m curled up in the awesome personal space capsule I found and blogging to you! :) So I didn’t win a Deep Down and Kinky Award, but I wasn’t on the official nominees list so am hoping to be there next year! ;) I *am* on the list for the Best Up and Coming Fetish Model Award later this year so keep your eyes out and I’ll keep you posted with when to vote.
I’m also a potential cover model for Alternative Revolution! (I’m on the left, in a wig.)

If you would like to see me on the cover (I will of course be signing a batch), then send the guys a message by clicking here and letting them know. Thanks to all the lovely fans who already did so- you read my mind!


So I was in Ireland last month to see the fantastic Gareth Byrd and help him out with a project, as well as shoot some latex! :) The shoot didn’t end up going to plan as I was taken quite horribly ill, but I’ll be back in Ireland this year for a few days and have plans. PLANS, I tell you! ;)

Anyway, we still got a lot done so have a look at some of our latest stuff!





The pretty dress of pretty, was custom-made for me by Kitty Creme.


Now, I only have a few minutes left on this internet card so it’s only a little blog entry today, but I will leave you with some Belgian awesomeness. ;)





Fetish vs Feminism?

27 May

Welcome, new readers from The Frisky and xoJane!
If you’re an ‘old’ reader, you’ll remember my blog in response to the memoirs of a nude model known as “Anonymous”… well, I contacted the magazine in question and they requested a piece from me about being a fetish model. It went live a few days ago- so here you are:
“I’m a Fetish Model”, written for The Frisky magazine.

Now, the Deep Down and Kinky Awards are upon us and I’m up for nomination. If you could please take the 30 seconds it takes to type my name in the “other” option in the modelling category, it’ll make me such a happy lady. Thanks in advance. CLICK FOR THE FORM

Photo by Gothic Image
Stockings by Libidex

I’ve just returned from a tour of Ireland and while there I was asked by several different people how it is that I can be both a feminist and a model of the nude and fetish variety. It’s a question that baffles me; I have never considered my beliefs that contraception/abortion should be free and accessible to all, that women and men deserve equal pay, that remaining childfree should be acceptable and that women should fight for the rights of those without the luxury of a voice to be incompatible with having my picture taken for a living.

A friend of one of the team mentioned exploitation- don’t make me laugh! Someone desperate for money and uncomfortable with nudity but agreeing to show her body for some cash? That is exploitation (provided the photographer knows her situation, of course.) However, I choose to model in this way. Can one really be exploited when one makes such a choice every day? And that, really is what it comes down to. Choice. Is the cornerstone of feminism not choice, after all? The choice to work, the choice to terminate an unwanted pregnancy, the choice to wear tight jeans and still expect courtesy, not catcalls?
While I have been saddened to see a few acquaintances discard their friends and interests in favour of marriage and children, I do respect that while not my choice, it is no less valid. It is not exploitation by the mass media, or any other scapegoat I can pull out of my butt and blame. I also have made a choice and any feminist should respect my right to make it.

I feel it does women a great disservice and is patronising to claim that just because I feature in images tied-up and playing submissive roles, I am somehow in need of help and re-education. (Not to mention, the fetish scene also has a substantial market for submissive men, who feature in images just like mine.) The implication is that I cannot think for myself. The idea that women like me need saving or shepherding toward a different idea of womanhood is just as damaging as the rigidity of the 50s.

Disagree with my lifestyle all you like, but fight for the rights of women who need such help for I am not being exploited. I am a fetish model and a feminist, and I see no conflict here.

(Plenty more where that came from). :D

Now, I’m going to continue advertising for my Eurotour, which starts in just a couple of weeks! I’m so excited to return to Germany and not be exploited :P as well as seeing my Swedish friends and bouncing around Belgium for the first time.

Keep an eye out here for my further adventures…


p.s. These images were taken by my wonderful (female) friend Pirate Photography, who is ranked #1 in the UK on Zivity, for her photographs of nude women like me.
If you would like to see the whole set of these images (or any of my other sets), just click HERE!






On the road again… featuring a giant mouse.

2 May

It’s EUROTOUR time!!!!!
For the past two years, I’ve been touring Europe in the Autumn, but this time I’m giving it a go in Summer. You know, just to be different. (And also because I’m saving up for a possible Australia or Los Angeles holiday this Autumn).

As of yet, I do not have set dates for Europe but I am looking at June 10th-July 15th. If you are in any of the countries below and would like to be added to my mailing list, get in touch ASAP! The possible “available working day” breakdown is listed below…
Holland: 7 days
Romania: 5 days
Sweden: 5 daysBelgium: 5 days
Germany: 10 days

I will begin advertising, but after I’ve mailed my mailing list so if you’d like first pick of days or to ask me to visit your city, now is the time to do it!


I’m very excited to be so inspired with writing at the moment. The ‘problem’ is that the weather is beautiful and I feel a bit guilty for sticking myself inside. I took the long route back to the mothership the other day so that I could walk through the park, which is filled with giant oak trees standing in twos. As yesterday was Beltane (second-biggest pagan festival and said to be a time when the veil between the  worlds opens), the trees did look like sentinels and as I turned around on the spur of the moment, there was a kestrel hovering a few metres behind me. Couldn’t get a picture of him, but I did get these…


I popped out to the garden to have a quick walk around and am now watching the fat round sparrows in the hedge and one solitary swallow sitting on the telegraph wire. They sound as happy as I will be tomorrow. I’m off on a ‘cake date’ with one of my best ladies!
I’ve decided to be a night owl tonight and wait for the sun to go down before I hit the writing again. ;) I promise you’ll get an extract soon.

Now, as I’ve been latexing you to death recently, have some awesome nudes taken by Gary Breckheimer during my last New York trip. I actually wrote an “alt” city review about New York that I just reread and for once am still happy with. Tonight, I’m going to look for a magazine or website interested in publishing it and if not, you guys can see it anyway!

So… these were taken at around 5am; the earliest I had been wandering around central New York, which was a little freaky as the sun wasn’t up when I left. It was a “shoot and run” situation- setting up the shot, checking nobody was around and then dashing off as fast as possible. Some of the shots (I’m thinking especially of my favourite- the mouse one) felt more like a special military operation, or the escape scene in Minority Report- involving ducking behind large objects, waiting until I was out of eyeline, and turning to walk in the other direction as soon as the shot was taken, as though nothing had happened.






Don’t you just LOVE this freaky mouse!!!!?? It’s like a nightmare- I love it! :D

Speak to you soon, with something completely different!


Confessions Of A Nude Model- a wee rantette

14 Mar

In general, I’m of the ‘whatever floats your boat’ camp. If you have an unusual lifestyle, that’s cool as long as nobody gets hurt. If you have an odd opinion or two, again I’m okay with that as long as you don’t push it on me or interfere with other people (e.g. gay rights).
BUT… (yep, always a but)… you know what really grinds my gears?  When an article is written with the clear intention of being subversive or shocking while full of wrong facts, opinions presented as facts, and then presented as an ‘inside view’ of ‘what really goes on’ in somebody’s world or lifestyle. It not only makes me procrastinate (that book isn’t going to write itself!) but could risk damaging reputations. For example: THIS article here, written by that prolific journalist “Anonymous.” (That Anonymous- s/he really gets around!)
Now, I know it’s meant to be a ‘confessional’ piece and therefore it’s one person’s experience, but it is very interestingly presented as though this is the sad reality of the nude modelling industry. Let’s pick it to pieces…

The scene is set by taking you- the reader- right there to the centre of the action and adorning the paragraph with words like ‘terrifying’ and ‘sweaty’. “Loosen up”, says the patient photographer. Did he also rub his knees and purr “oh yeah, baby- you’re gonna be a STAR!”?

‘Anonymous’ was a twenty year old student when she first ‘took her clothes off for money’. Apparently, this may seem sordid- well, it certainly does now! Even more so as she introduces us to her friend ‘Tania’ (a pseudonym) who made some money “art modelling” for photographers. I wonder if it was a deliberate attempt to be bitchy, or a way of keeping Tania’s modesty by putting the words in quotation marks… Either way, the writer takes great pains to let us know that she was desperate for money.

First myth: While many girls may start by looking for some quick money, they learn very fast that modelling is not as easy as it looks and when you’re one in thousands of pretty girls, you need to stand out and take the time to either learn your trade or give up. One gripe I hear from photographers concerns girls who do two photoshoots and then try to charge £100 per hour. Often, the girls are misled- somebody has told them that they can earn hundreds from one shoot and so off they go- after all, if you’re doing it for money, you want to maximise your earnings, right? However, if you’re earning enough to make a consistent full-time living from this industry, you have most likely spent a considerable amount of time networking, practising posing, taking care of yourself and building up a client base. Though I could be wrong, as our friend ‘Anonymous’ says “I learned the tricks of the trade within a few weeks.”

So she joined Modelmayhem- good move. Networking sites are invaluable for getting a career started, though I’m not sure how she discerned which clients were “men with lucrative jobs who were willing to invest heavily in their ‘new photography hobby'”. There are those speech marks again…

“Despite this, I didn’t stop. The money was too good. After a while I raised my rate to $100/hour. Between interning, writing papers, and extra-curricular activities, I believed that I had no other choice if I wanted to be financially secure.” This sentence worries me for it tends to appear in tearful articles with names like “I was a teenage prostitute”. Now, I think we should do what makes us happy. In theory, I have no problem with stripping or porn so long as everyone is keeping safe and there because they want to be. To take on a job like that due to lack of money?? I feel that that is the line between fun and degrading. (And yes, I speak from experience- as a poor student myself, I walked out of an interview at a lapdancing club. I couldn’t do it- I preferred to work in a sandwich shop for less money and retain my dignity*).
*NOTE: I felt undignified because it passed my personal boundaries- not because of the nature of the work.

Poor ‘Anonymous’ regarded her body as a money making tool, which included keeping her hair long and not shaving her pubic hair. Why? “Most people don’t believe me when I say this, but a nude art model getting a Brazilian bikini wax is career suicide”.

I don’t believe you.


Yes, if being unshaven is your USP (unique selling point), then yes it may be a bad idea to employ a lady-gardener, but for an established nude model, there is very little that is truly career ending so long as you know how to market yourself, with the exception, possibly maybe, of getting a large tattoo.

Now, I’ll be the first to tell you that the more people you work with, the greater the chance of having a bad experience. It happens, sadly, but rarely. If you’re a regular follower of this blog, you’ll have heard it all before from me- there are ways to minimise your chances of such a thing. Our writer mentions the photographers who wanted to pay her for sex. Call it a hunch, but I feel that there’s a way she could have kept such propositions to a minimum. I never mentioned it due to the possibility of stating the obvious but…
Don’t have sex with photographers!!! Especially (and she quotes) “numerous photographers”. Models talk, photographers talk, stylists talk and iin the words of all those wartime posters, “careless talk costs lives”. Now, talk about career suicide! While it may increase your chances of being booked, it’ll be for the wrong reasons and the ‘mostly creeps’ statement will take on a knee-rubbing, purring life of its’ own- a side-effect being numerous propositions!
Now, when people socialise with other industry professionals on a regular basis, relationships do start (it’s why teachers always seem to marry other teachers!) but unless you’re sure, it’s generally best not to have sex with numerous photographers.
I never thought I’d have to say that!

And so we reach the end of our article, with a consciously poignant moment involving regret and some polaroids in a box. It’s a sad ending. I wish the writer all the best in her chosen path, but hope she can one day look upon her experiences without regret. I’m not claiming to have followed my career path perfectly- I’ve done things that were dumb as a brush, but I hope that when I’m no longer modelling, I will not only have my polaroids in a box but on my wall.

For now though, I’m going to be incredibly subversive and illustrate this ranty little blog with my clothes on!

Have some more pictures from MS-Photography in Berlin, featuring AM-Statik latex. Hair and make-up by me.
I’ve been thinking of this set as ‘Fireflies’- the sun was so, so hot I thought my latex was going to ignite, and though I didn’t see the little dust shafts at the time, I love that they’re here in the finished pictures. Magical! :)







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