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Another magical forest

14 Jan

I never get fed up of shooting in forests- every few weeks, I get an entirely new backdrop to interact with and new plants and creatures to look for- especially when I’m shooting outside of the UK.
Last time I visited the Netherlands, I found wild boar, red squirrels, nuthatches (I think) and deer. I also discovered Dutch pancakes. Not a creature, I know, but still seriously amazing. ;)

I got these pictures from Frits aka Studio3nl a little while ago but didn’t have the chance to post them up! So here you go- it was a beautiful day, if a little muddy. Though we tried hard to be discreet, we did nearly cause a man to fall off his bicycle, which made me nearly fall off the tree stump I was posing on!! Utterly hilarious- it was a multi-quadruple-take, as he kept swinging back off his seat just to check I wasn’t a figment of his imagination, LOL!!






Wish me luck- I’m about to head South (hopefully ahead of the snow) for some outdoor nudes… though hopefully my “Narnia coat” will get another outing too… ;)

Got to dash!


Don’t tell me to stop…

9 Jan

Okay, so the apocalypse happened to G Haskew’s computer. (Want more apocalypse references? I have plenty more where that came from…) :P Sadly, almost an entire photoshoot was lost- back up your work, folks!
However, I still have a few of the pictures to show you.





(Obviously the namesake of this blog, lol! We had several pictures of me bouncing around in the dust in homage to the Madonna video)


And as soon as the staff stopped looking… ;)



You really really should go and look at G Haskew’s other work as well- he’s amazing at finding locations and is now beginning a new venture into urban exploration. Just click his name above!

Now, talking of stopping…

Don’t worry- I’m not going anywhere just yet as I still love my job and I’m certainly planning on at least another two years of modelling for a living. However, the job I want eventually will probably take me several years of hard work before I get to where I want to be, and so I’m now applying like crazy to as many volunteer projects as I possibly can. (Did I mention I want to work in conservation?) ;)
Soooo… this is one of those times in which you may be able to help with my future plans! Do you, or does anyone you know, work in conservation (especially with projects in Africa, Madagascar, Australia or in marine biology?) If so, could you please send me a message through my website? I want to talk to you!
Thanks! :D

I’m excited to say that one of my New Year’s resolutions looks set to be SMASHED! I planned to visit at least two new countries each year. Well, this year, it looks as though I’ll be hitting Malta, Austria (Vienna), Romania, Norway, Australia, New Zealand, China and (if I get the chance) Borneo!
I’m getting itchy feet already but it’s too cold for touring season at the moment. I’m using my free time to write, chill in front of the fire and watch the birds outside eat the homemade treats I’ve been leaving them*.

I’m now watching Africa (narrated by King David) ;) Golden rule: do not talk while the Attenborough is talking. Night night…


JFC part 1: Fairytale of New York

30 Sep

I apologise in advance to anyone who now has the song in their head and is now cursing me for mentioning Christmas songs in September. :P

If you’re a regular reader, you probably know that I’m the biggest country bumpkin around. (If you’ve just got here, hello- I hope you’ll stay!)  You might also know that my first novel, which I’m currently editing, is about a disaster (like Hiromshima) occuring in a woodland full of strange Fae creatures and the subsequent mutations that occur. If you’re interested, it’s called Sarascyon and I’ll be posting an extract here soon.
I was a little apprehensive about visiting New York as I get a bit tetchy if there aren’t any trees. While I get inspiration from everywhere from the English coast to the gritty abandoned churchyard I see from the train on my way to London, I go to the woodland if I want to be calm. I feel at home with trees and there aren’t many in the Big Apple.

I live near a lot of parks- most are big, and if you walk far enough in, you can forget that there are roads to either side and the only paths become those you make yourself. I expected Central Park to be a green oasis of wilderness and sprawling trees within the city’s invasion of angles. I thought I’d escape from the traffic for a few hours between shoots- read my book and eat my sushi, so when I arrived and was nearly run over first by joggers and then by cars (there are ROADS in Central Park), I revised my opinion a bit. I am sure there are more eloquent ways to put this but… parks should not have angles.

And so my search for nature continued…

Luckily, I was staying in Brooklyn (with photographer Paul Ward). The garden at the back was a little rectangle of clearly very loved and cared-for land, chock-full of flowers, squirrels and bluejays that sound disturbingly like birds of prey (so much so that I, in a sleepy bleary-eyed state, thought an eagle was in the tree).
Just down the road was Brooklyn Botanical Garden so on my first day off, I took myself on an adventure. I’d have loved to shoot there- the amount of different themes and concepts that could have been done in there… Maybe one day!

A few days later, I dashed to an area of Brooklyn called DUMBO! (I think I was told it stands for Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass) to shoot with John F Cooper for his book Organic Portraits. There are some examples of the work in his portfolio- I’ve linked it. :) It’s in aid of the Rainforest Fund.

The project supports indigenous people in their efforts to protect their environment. It makes me feel ashamed of my species to know that our actions affect the lives of people who have no hand at all in the changing state of our planet, yet find their day to day life increasingly impossible. These people have the words to express what the voiceless flora and fauna also nearing extinction can not. They are in exactly the same situation, and give it a human voice- a perspective we can empathise with.
I tried to use this idea as inspiration for this part of our photoshoot.

Photographer: John F Cooper
Hair/Make-up: Me

I rose from my dream last night. I thought I saw them again- living columns that sang and swayed

But now, they are up there where the dead are. Too high for me to reach.

So when I woke, I wore their memory like the crown only I had, and only I remember

Long ago, trees, not memories, cast shadows on my face.


Flighty Aphrodite!

17 Aug

I was writing my blog the other day, and I realised I hadn’t posted these pictures up! I had a lovely photoshoot on the beach with photographer Ottoblade. He had brought some crazy coloured dresses for me to whirl around, which I happily did! As I was reading “The Song of Achilles” at the time, I had a head full of Greek myths and so was making up stories while I posed. (I often find it helps art-modelling to have a story in my head about why exactly I could be bounding across a sand dune with nothing on.)

So here you are:
Photographer: Ottoblade (aka Derrick Clarke)

I’m off on holiday at the end of the month but as I’ll be travelling pretty much non-stop when I return, I thought I’d post my travel plans here so if you happen to be reading this and fancy booking your very own Roswell photoshoot when I’m in your area, you can let me know!
Available anywhere- it’s just as it sounds! I am available to shoot absolutely anywhere if travel expenses (reduced by a third due to my lovely railcard) are covered.

September 20th-30th: Bedfordshire/Milton Keynes

October 1st-5th: AVAILABLE ANYWHERE!

October 5th-7th: London Fetish Weekend

October 7th-23rd: Germany/Netherlands tour

October 23rd-27th: Liverpool/Manchester area

November 6th-15th (approx): Darlington/Leeds/Grimsby

As I’m sure you all know very well now, I love to travel and though I always plan to do some writing whikle I’m moving, it never quite happens due to views like this. Just had to share it with you- this is Manningtree.

I know I’m saying it every entry at the moment but thankyou, thankyou, thankyou to the fans who have bought me birthday presents! You will recieve a personalised gift back soon (posting a batch today). :)

I’m off to the Peak District today for some quiet time, and will speak to you very soon… possibly about feminism. Possibly with pictures of mountains and nudity. Probably about the million articles I’m writing at the moment. Keep an eye out! ;)


p.s. Have an outtake. This is me frolicking. :P

Selkies and Spartans

16 Jul

I’m watching a TV documentary about eating five portions of fruit/veg a day. It’s interesting- when I began losing weight (other than exercising more), the main change I made to my diet was to plan my meals around five or more portions of fresh or frozen fruit/veg a day. It is quite shocking seeing the amount of companies that have designed their own 5-a-day logo and are pasting it on products that have about half a banana in them and ten spoons of sugar. Apparently, the only legitimate logo is the one of five cubes going from yellow to green. :(
*goes off to make a raspberry smoothie*

Roswell’s Raspberry Smoothie:
Step one: Put a couple of handfuls of frozen raspberries, about a quarter of a large pot of fat-free yoghurt and a big splash of milk in a blender.
Oh wait, that’s it ;)

Anyway, I went off to the local amazing salt marshes with G Haskew and a piece of flimsy grey material for a photo session.
This place is full of old boats and weathered pieces of wood- all the while we were shooting, I could hear the sea and the nesting birds around us. As it was so windy, there was hardly anyone around and we had the whole marsh to ourselves (and the oystercatchers and the lady with the enormous Irish Wolfhound!) If it wasn’t so cold and windy and didn’t flood every day, I’d have happily slept out there!
I think I look like a Selkie. :)

As it was freezing on the marsh and enough’s enough, even for a nude model, we got back in the car… and screeched to a halt next to this pretty purple field. I couldn’t *not* make a new dress out of my nice grey material  and stride around pretending to be in the film “The 300″. So I did.

I’m off to bed now as it’s a double birthday tomorrow and I have a present to wrap! (One birthday was my mum’s, but she’s already had her present- I took her to the zoo, which rocked. And now I want a whole flowerpot full of lemurs.)


p.s. I noticed I still have some free days for the next couple of months before heading out for my Canadian holiday. After that, I have no idea where I’ll be, so if you’re based in London, East Anglia, Nottingham, or even further afield, get in touch through my website!


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