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Spring cleaning!

13 Apr

I’m selling stuff. It’s listed below. :)

First though, check out these pictures from The Phnarrcissist!!
Latex: Anatomic Bomb
Make-up: Me

Can’t decide which of the two below I like best! Opinions please?

Anyway, I’m having a huge sale so if there are any of the items listed below that you would like, send me a message or a comment and I’ll get them packaged and sent!
I hope you find something you like- prices are negotiable, within reason. :D



What: Black patent leather heels with ankle strap
Size: UK6
Condition: Worn a few times but still in pretty good condition
How much: Were £20, now £10

What: Red strappy heels with clear platform
Size: UK6
Condition: Good
How much: £15 (or free with Fraulein Ehrhardt latex outfit listed below!)

What: Black strappy heels with eyelets and clear platform
Size: UK6
Condition: Good
How much: £10

What: Cherry red biker-style boots
Size: UK6
Condition: Good
How much: £30 (or free with Fraulein Ehrhardt latex outfit listed below!)

What: Burgundy suede shoes with wedge heel
Size: UK6
Condition: Worn a few times but in generally good condition
How much: £5 (or free with FairyGothMother corset listed below!)

What: Mint green/black knee-high boots from Schuh
Size: UK6-7
Condition: Worn once for a photoshoot
How much: Bought for £35, selling at £25

What: Black patent and matte platform shoes from Schuh
Size: UK6
Condition: Never worn!
How much: £40

What: Platform open-toe trainers with velcro fastening and UV detail
Size: UK6
Condition: Never worn, some damage to the stick-on label at the back
How much: £37


What: Cream and cherry red lingerie from Fraulein Ehrhardt! Stockings, thong, suspenders and corset!! Choker looks like Lickorish Latex
Size: About a UK size 10- corset measures 22″ closed
Condition: There’s a (hidden) mend in one of the stockings and a little wear on the bottoms of the feet but otherwise in good condition
How much: Retails for well over £300. I was selling at at £250… now £195!!! (comes with a free pair of shoes (listed above) !!

What: Libidex “Bastille” corset- made of very thick rubber. Military green, with gold trim.
Size: Should fit anyone with a 22″-28″ waist
Condition: Excellent- worn once or twice for photoshoots
More images of the style on the Libidex website
How much: Retails at £219.95- I’m selling it for £195!!!

What: Black buckle top with reinforced front- good condition. (Short- comes down to around bellybutton level)
Size: Medium
How much: Was £30, now £25!

What: Black/trans tutu with suspenders (Fraulein Ehrhardt) and black/trans seamed stockings (Libidex)
Size: Stockings are Medium, tutu fits a 25″ waist
Condition: Tutu in perfect condition, stockings slightly discoloured at the toes due to black shoes
How much: Was £160, now £115


What: FairyGothMother burgundy corset, with white lace and burgundy ribbon trim, with detachable suspenders! No longer made!!!!!
Size: 22″ waist when closed
Condition: Excellent. Been worn once or twice for shoots and I’m very sad to part with it! :(
How much: £85 (and comes with a free pair of matching shoes (listed above)

What: Black 22″ steel-boned corset
Size: 22″ waist when closed
Condition: taken a bit of wear but still looking good!
How much: Was £45, now £39

What: Gothic basque of burgundy velvet and leatherette, with lace-up sides
Size: Appprox UK 10-12
Condition: Good but slight scuffing on the middle bone at the back.
How much: Was £38, now £30

What: RARE Lip Service Drastik Plastik waist cincher. Electric Blue
Size: Medium- about a UK10
Condition: Great
How much: Was £60, now £55

What: Cherry red and black PVC basque with lace-up front and back
Size: Would fit a UK12-14
Condition: Excellent
How much: Was £20, now £15!

What: Gothic black and purple lacy basque and thong, with hook and eye fastenings at the back
Size: About a UK10-12
Condition: Excellent
How much: £5

OTHER STUFF (cyber, pin-up, gothic etc):

What: Couch slash top with electric blue pattern. (The picture on the right is closest to the actual colour). Unisex
Size: UK 8-10
Condition: Excellent- never worn.
How much: Was £10, now £8

What: Long black elegant sheer gauntlets. Elbow length with loop for middle finger
Size: Small-medium
Condition: Excellent
How much: £5

What: Short gothic basque top- deep blue with black lace overlay and silver buttons. Comes to just above my bellybutton
Size: UK10
Condition: Good
How much: £5

What: Playful Promises black pencil skirt with small split at the back. Zip at top.
Size: UK8-10
Condition: Worn once for fashion show
How much: £20

What: Playful Promises black silk shirt (feels lovely!)
Size: Depending on how loose you like your clothes, about a 10-12
Condition: Perfect- worn once for a fashion show
How much: Retails at £60, selling here for £40

What: Topshop deep purple shirt. Silky material- very pretty!
Size: UK10
Condition: Good
How much: £15

What: Black velvet opera gloves with feathery trim
Size: Medium
Condition: Good
How much: £5

What: Burgundy-red satiny three-quarter length sleeved top, with Eyelets and lace-up sides (with backing)
Size: UK10
Condition: Worn and loved- a few faint marks, and some eyelets need replacing
How much: £5

What: Lilac and black polka-dot suspender belt with lace detail!
Size: UK12-14
Condition: Good
How much: £5

What: Chinese burgundy asymmetrical jacket with gold brocade trim
Size: Approx 12-14
Condition: Excellent- never worn
How much: £40


What: One necklace with scorpion and yin/yang symbol. One brooch with hippy goddess and crystal with tiny tree in it. Both pewter
Condition: Excellent
How much: £4 each, or both for £7

What: Gothic coffin incense burner
Condition: Good
How much: £3

What: Living Dead Dolls collectable barware: (Series Two) drinking glass- “Schooltime Sadie”
Condition: Perfect- though I do not have the doll.
How much: £5

Ooh, Corsets! And my Lisbeth Salander impression…

20 Jun

Dear readers, I don’t want you to get a shock or anything, but this post contains clothes.
Covering-boobs clothes.
As in, I’m not naked.
(Paramedics and smelling salts to the guy in the third row please).

Obviously, if I was really doing a Lisbeth Salander impression, the above would be said with a lot more attitude and eyeliner than I have right now, (I’m tired), but here’s an outtake from my shoot:

And here’s Lisbeth Salander, the only remotely redeemable woman from Stieg Larsson’s (in my opinion goddawful- I’ll explain later) Millennium Trilogy. (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo etc etc.)
(Hairstyle and make-up similarities not deliberate!!)

I’ve done a lot of art-nude shoots recently and so was very excited to get these pictures back from photographer Grace Elkin. We had worked with designer Catriona Stewart, shooting some of her collection and both girls were great fun to work with! :D
We first went to the local park to shoot some bright and colourful latex. We got quite far but when it started to rain, we ran for the safety of the studio!

I *love* this blue outfit…

When Catriona showed me the next set of outfits, I got very excited! I love corsetry and am planning on starting waist reduction again, and these are different to any corsets I’d ever seen- most of the shape-changing was in fact done with a very strong zip!

That is it. I’m off to bed as I really am tired and can’t even think a coherent thought. :D

Night night,



Once more with feeling: SQUEEEEEEZE!!!

Ok, now I’m done.


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