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The Lady Is Waiting…

31 Aug

I’m in bed, in my hostel and waiting for three days of lovely latex fashion shows and events to begin at Montreal Fetish Weekend! I spent last night in a very rock-and-roll duvet nest with films and watermelon as I was too tired/blah to go out but I’ve had some rest, some water and am ready to face the day. :D

I can’t tell you what I’ll be wearing, for obvious reasons so instead I thought I’d show you the complete opposite, lol! These images were taken during my last Scottish tour in May (my next one will be in the Spring) and the photographer used the oldest camera I’ve ever seen- a real Victorian-style head-under-cover, images upside-down metal and wood contraption! I loved it!!!
With these, the images are developed slowly, so I had to hold the positions for a long time, but I think the results are beautiful- I especially love the first one- very dreamy and ethereal. I think it looks almost as though it was taken underwater! :)

Photographer: John M

I also loved the lace collars I wore- there were several of them, all very beautiful. I’m actually being ladylike here, lol!

Now, I have to go for breakfast, and as today’s the 31st, I’ll speak to you in September! ;)


Round the twist!

26 Apr

Have you ever- ever felt like this? How strange things happen, are you going round the twist? ;)
(virtual sticker for anyone who gets it! Clue- you probably grew up in the 90’s…)

It’s been a week of strange little things happening…

- A couple of days ago, I got my first ever Daily Deviation on http://www.deviantart.com! Click the link here!

- Then I was mistaken for a man.
Go through the comments on the image- someone asked if I was a dude!
Yep. Me, of the 28FFs. The next day, while I was still shaking my head in disbelief, IT HAPPENED AGAIN!!! (O_O)
I was in my favourite little coffee shop (which also has pizza) and a server was walking around with a yummy-looking pizza, calling for “Christopher”. I had my coat and bag on and was about to leave, but waved and jokingly said “me! I’m Christopher”! The pizza was thrust into my arms, while I stammered “nonono I’m not really called Christopher!!”
Oh dear.
I think I’ll go and take up flower-arranging.

- I also got some very exciting news yesterday- my Lady Justice picture by Matt Frederick (below- and you should click the link and check out his other work) is going to be on a Californian wine bottle for a year!!! I don’t drink, but may have to start…

- I realised recently that Sky Arts are playing Cirque du Soleil shows on Sunday lunchtimes! It’s been great fun stretching while actually watching one of the best circuses in the world (that I still have to see live!) Very very inspirational- “Zed in Tokyo” is the next one, and it was “Ka” a weekend ago (which is my favourite so far- there was no stage floor- everything was done on two huge moving platforms).

As the weather’s been hideous for the past week and I’ve had a horrible cold, most of my outdoor shoots were cancelled so I’ve been spending my time curled up reading Game of Thrones* (which rocks) and stopping gang violence in a fictional city (aka writing my second novel “Saving Bailey”).
Oh, and watching the falcons in the cathedral. :D They’ve had four eggs and they’re due to hatch any time really from now until the first week of April! There’s a live webcam so you can watch them HERE. Poor things must be so bored- they’ve been sitting around for weeks!

I can’t wait for my Scotland tour to start! Once again, I’ve been so booked in Edinburgh that I haven’t had a chance to go to Elgin or Aberdeen yet, but one day
I only have one half-day left now- it’s May 15th, and I’ll be available in Glasgow until 4pm. If you’d like to book me, let me know asap by contacting me through my website here.

I’m also going to be available in Ireland from June 11th until the 21st. I’ll do a proper blog post about this soon- I’m already booked until the 16th!
If you’re based around Dublin or Belfast, and would like to book a photoshoot with me, let me know!

Anyway, I have some more pictures (suitably twisted) from the fantastic Carl Grim (and a certain fan of mine may like these images too!)
The strappy outfits are made by me. :)

If you look at the negative space, it kind of reminds me of the Ace of Spades card!

It’s funny, I have always hated my legs- they’re very muscular/big from years of gymnastics and karate, but I actually really like them here!

I love the sculptural feel of these last two!

I’m off to write…

p.s. If you liked Game of Thrones, you might like…
– The Name of The Wind, by Patrick Rothfuss. (This guy rocks… but but the sequel in paperback. The hardback copy is the size and weight of a brick)
– The Wayfarer Redemption Trilogy, by Sara Douglass. (Wars, incest and interesting creatures… kind of like Game of Thrones, really!)
– Lord of the Rings, by JRR Tolkien (well, duh…)

Anyone else got book recommendations?


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