Where I am now.

18 Dec

Hey everyone,

I dropped off the radar for a bit there! Sorry for the vanishing act- I’m okay, I promise, but do still need witness accounts for my last blog (no matter how trivial your experience may seem). Things are still going on, but I want to share other, better news now.

It’s been a long time since I last looked forward to Christmas- I’m no longer actively dreading it, which makes me a happy lady. There are lovely decorations all over my mum’s tiny village and as I’m getting my shopping done this week I’ll hopefully avoid the humanity-destroying rush! It’s cold, but I have my snuggly grey homemade coat to keep me warm, and I’m putting bird feeders up to keep the feathered ones happy and well-fed.
I’ve been doing a lot of coach-travel, and I love seeing the fruit trees by the side of the road- the leaves have all blown away leaving the fruit hanging on the branches. It’s quite otherworldly and beautiful.

Photo by Pirate Photography alllll the way back in 2010!

In my next few blogs, I’ll be recapping my 2013 for you (it’s been a very good year), telling you which of next year’s resolutions I’m about to break already, sharing some of my sexiest photos ever (with Pirate Photography, of course!) and talking about life- I have an important blog for you about survival.
Stay tuned…

I had my official photoshoot for my upcoming stageshow the other week! I just need to shoot my showreel now, and then I’m ready to roll.
Here’s a quick behind the scenes headshot…

… and a behind-the-scenes video from Luci-Alice. Click the link- it’s mobile-friendly! ;)

I’m off to visit some of my best girls- Ivory Flame and Anita De Bauch tomorrow for a sleepover after my shoot, then it’s my last shoot of the year for the world’s top bondage website!

It’s at this time we all want to hibernate- to plan for next year, especially in between Christmas and January 1st. There’s always so much I want to do, which is why I’m finishing my shooting early. I’ll be spending most of my Christmas being creative, writing (I’ve been approached by a few of the better-known feminist magazines, which I’m very excited about!) and making some jaw-dropping outfits for next year’s shoots. Photographers interested in shooting fashion, get in touch to hear more.
I also want to take the time to watch the world go by- just an hour or two, I find makes so much difference when I’m usually always rushing around like a mad thing.

To match my current mood, I want to post you all something lovely from summer (well, September, but it felt like summer. I worked with Peter Binnie in a beautiful garden/jungle/studio!

First, a quick warm-up in the studio

Then out in the garden with the birdsong


A couple of coloured ones (I *love* the bottom one!)

It’s about *now* that I’d love to have a tame white peacock to model with… maybe next year…

I’m off to bed as I have a busy couple of days and would like to find a new book to read while I’m there! ;)
Night night everyone- speak to you very soon!


Help. Please.

28 Nov

I was going to post this fantastic blog all about Dominatrix and my recent trip to Hamburg, but I have to interrupt that with a very serious plea for help.

Many of my ‘old’ followers will know I named and shamed the sexual predator posing as a photographer Shaun Colclough back in January 2011. Due to (good) reasons the police have asked me not to disclose, I am asking for any witnesses or models who have encountered him to please, please come forward.
You can mail me privately through my website at http://www.roswellivory.co.uk if you would prefer, but please contact me. You are absolutely not alone.

I am especially looking to speak to a couple of models who commented on previous posts.
If you are, I especially need to hear from you.

Shaun operated from a studio on Wallis Road, Hackney Wick, London.
My account (and the reports of other models) can be found here: http://roswellivory.wordpress.com/2011/08/02/the-importance-of-references/

Whoever you are, please spread the word. I need you.


The Finals…

1 Nov

Guess what, everyone…
I’m getting prints made specially- as I made the top ten!!! I’m in the finals for the title of Europe’s Best Up and Coming Fetish Model! Thankyou so, so much to all of you who took the time to vote for me.

ALL the entrants in this competition have great work and talent and I am genuinely excited to see who wins and maybe get a little bit of feedback too.
But of course I’d love to win so if you’ve just found me, (or are judging of course), I thought I’d tell you a bit about me and why I hope you’ll see some potential in this redheaded bendy lady.

Photo- Ardi-Foto
Outfit- Ardita
Hair/make-up- me

You’ve been around for years now- why are you “Up and Coming”??
I began modelling seven years ago as a nineteen year-old cybergoth and then moved quickly into fetish. While I fell in love with bondage photography and wearing custom latex outfits, I made my living from art-nude which has taken me around the world. BUT… I have missed the vibrant, shiny fetish scene and so I came back last year. Since then, I have had four magazine covers, ten features and am about to start performing!

Indeed. ;) As a nude model, I’m not afraid to do ‘the full monty’, but I’m doing something a little more elaborate than getting naked. I have an official photoshoot for my first show in December so until then, my theme is hush-hush, but I don’t think my routine and idea have been attempted on stage before.

What else can you do?
I’ve been teaching myself to bend in half for a number of years now, and have just begun classes with one of the UK’s bendiest ladies! I adore everything about the circus and am looking forward to amazing you all with both my moves and my costumes which I will be making myself.

Photos: Nude- Jake4
Shoe- Max Operandi
Hair/make-up- me

You want to be Europe’s Best Up and Coming Fetish Model? What makes you so special??
Here goes: As well as latex fashion, I cover the fetish gamut! I’m a ponygirl, a bondage model (and a bendy one, too!), a 50′s lingerie queen and just about anything else you can think of.

I am also a feminist writer and publish articles on both themes on a regular basis. I love providing a female voice for an industry and image that is still pretty mysterious to the masses! Especially being from England where it seems everyone in charge is out to ban our shiny rope-clad butts, I’m more than happy to make my opinions heard! ;)
If you’d like to see one of my most recent pieces all about combining the two “F”s, then click the sentence…

Photo- Luci-Alice
Outfit- Pandora Deluxe
Hair/make-up: me

To keep up to date with all my news, you can always subscribe here or follow my facebook page HERE.

Again, good luck to all of us who made the top ten- we all rock in different ways and I can’t wait to meet you all.

I’m curled up with my sleepy cat, with a Game Of Thrones marathon and putting the final touches to my novella “The Marius Conundrum” which is due out next year. I’m having a nice couple of chilled-out days before the excitement coming up so will sign off now and speak to you very soon… :D

Thankyou again for all your votes,


p.s. if you follow me on Tumblr (roswellivory.tumblr.com) then you’ll know I have added a new weekly post! :) Every Wednesday is #WordyWednesday and I’ll be linking to an article or opinion piece- and/or answering YOUR questions!!! Get your questions in and I’ll get answering in time for next Wednesday.

p.p.s. outtakes from look #2 of my shoot with Ardi-foto and Ardita! We were on a paintball range. :)ImageImage

Roswell and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat…

18 Oct

… well, it’s green. With an orange lining. That counts as technicolour on my book, anyway. :P

Such a good fortnight’s tour! (Does anyone still use the word fortnight??) I’ll get to that in a minute.

Right now though, this is your last chance to enter my ten print giveaway!! We’re in the final day or two of Europe’s Best Up and Coming Fetish Model competition and if I hit the top ten, I will be giving ten free prints away to voters.
If you’d like to enter, it’s really simple:

1) Go to this link and click “Vote for Roswell Ivory” http://dominatrix.nl/models/model/621
2) Confirm the vote in your e-mail inbox.
3) Share the link! There are banners you can share on Facebook and Twitter…

Hitting the final round will make me so happy- please help me out here! :)

Anyway, I’ll post properly about my tour when I have a few more pictures back but here are a few snapshots:

1) THIS view!!! *hums Lord of the Rings theme*

2) My “jazz beauty” photoshoot in a hotel of stunning awesomeness, with it’s own “white tree of Minas Tirith”. Okay, I’ll stop with the Tolkien references…

3) Seeing some of my best friends. (Black Lotus and Pirate Photography)

4)… and of course the inevitable photoshoots that happened (ruined for facebook)

Trash the make-up!!!

5) You know you’re a fetish model when…!
Wax on, wax off!!! (Photoshoot for Chimera Bondage)

So a couple of months ago it was my birthday and I got a lovely early birthday present from my mum- this gorgeous jacket, in which I look nothing like Liam Gallagher, despite when my website designer may think… ;)
And as I couldn’t wait to wear it, I took it on a fashion photoshoot with Photographer Huit. (Alongside a chain headpiece I made myself shortly after watching The 300. (King Xerxes- style icon!!) The look translated as a kind of wandering war-elf, I think!

I love the reflection in the picture above!

Totally different spot…

And then I got naked. :D

I’m off to do a bridal photoshoot tomorrow, for which I made my very own dress! :)

Speak to you very soon- and hopefully with the news that I have free prints for you!!


Shining noir

29 Sep
Radiating light; bright.
2. Bright from reflected light; glistening.
3. Having a sheen from being rubbed or worn smooth.
4. A good thing- expression of contentment (Firefly <3 )

So, I have a different kind of shiny for you below- I’m in PVC and being all film noir!

I would have loved to tell you all about my contortion class yesterday but there was a bit of drama on the tube and things went a little downhill. (A businessman fainted and so my eating-before-class time was taken up with ambulance-related waiting and ‘make sure he isn’t going to kick the bucket without telling him I’m terrified’ chat.) I decided ‘what the heck- I’ll go bending anyway’, nearly fainted myself from foodlessness, had an embarrassed sniffle in a baklava bar and decided I’d try again on Wednesday. (Forward walkover, here I come!) Don’t go too long without eating, folks! :P
By the way, it was motion-related and he was fine. Yay!


A few of you have asked whether it is possible to see the leaderboard for the award I am nominated for (Europe’s Best Up and Coming Fetish Model). I’m afraid it isn’t so we’ll have to wait in suspense…
If you haven’t voted already, please do so- there are under 30 candidates- I really do have a good chance here and you’ll get free prints out of it! And my happy smily face too. ;)

Here’s the link again: http://www.dominatrix.nl/models/model/621
And pleeeease share it- or at the least, my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Roswell-Ivory-model-and-writer/152654844767588

Earlier this year, I did a Heavy Rubber and PVC shoot with Keital, who brought with him a fantastic array of outfits and an assistant who tried his hand at modelling later! I’m more used to latex fashion so the challenge of doing something different is good fun- especially when the team wanted to make use of my wigs and styling skills.

We started with this pretty raincoat, which I would happily wear outside in a rainstorm! (You can’t see here, but there was an umbrella design and little diamantes to look like raindrops aroundd the hem).


And then I played with this trippy umbrella while attempting my first victory roll up-do. I may have to get the umbrella too- I saw a whole mackintosh made from the same material while in Covent Garden the other day.


I do like the way black wigs work when wearing an entirely black outfit. A flash of red hair can work well too, but I have a soft spot for this wig. ;) Note the ballet boots, which I can now stand in!



I met with my associate…

… and we became partners in solving crime. :P

And what heavy rubber themed photoshoot would be complete without a gas mask??? So I got under the shower.


That really is steam rising from me- I like it when studios have hot showers. I hear that the pool Vogue uses for water shoots isn’t even heated! Lucky me! :)

I’m going to go and make some dinner now- I’ve been cooking a lot recently as I stay with friends. It’s nice to cook for lots of people. :)
Today, I’m making a yummy, moderately healthy kale, lentil and bacon dish.

Speak to you soon!



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