12 Jul

I guess you’ve noticed by now that I have been absent…

Last month, I testified in court against sex-offender-posing-as-photographer ‘Shaun Colclough’.  I was asked to remove my blog for the duration of the trial but am now back for good. Three other exceptionally brave women also testified (out of the fourteen or so who suffered at his hands).
If you have no idea what I’m talking about, the original post is here, and I strongly recommend you read the comments. http://roswellivory.wordpress.com/2011/08/02/the-importance-of-references/

He pleaded ‘not guilty’ but was convicted of two counts of sexual assault and will be sentenced on the 24th (where I will be told the details of his previous conviction.) I will update you properly with all the details after the sentencing.

There is hope, and there is justice- but sometimes you have to fight for it. Fight for nothing, and nothing is what you will get.


Photo by Matt Frederick


3 Jun

You have no idea how many boxes I’ve rummaged through over the past few days! I never want to see a box again… :P
My boat’s hull is fixed, I have a lovely new deck and she’s almost ready to be put back in the water, which means I have to sell a LOT of stuff!
I have things from a size 8-14, shoes, latex, accessories, Karen Millen, Fairy Goth Mother, Lip Service etc so come and browse.


I’ve made a new page for it all here and will be adding to it over the next week as I take photos of everything. I’ve added a few items already so please get in touch if you would like anything. :)
Mail me THROUGH MY WEBSITE please- too many people have left comments in the past and have never followed up after I reply.

SALE THIS WAY -> -> -> -> http://roswellivory.wordpress.com/sale/

One of a kind, handmade (by me) bondage dress (size 10) available in my sale…
Photo by Hart-Worx


How To Be A Man

15 May

I’ve been re-reading Caitlin Moran’s “How To Be A Woman”, which is a feminist commentary on life which manages to include both mothers and childfree woman. And it’s bloody hilarious.
I was once asked to make a man out of a drunk idiot’s squirming pimply friend. At the time I said something rude but now I think about it, what a wonderful suggestion!
Here you go, friend of the red-eyed hollering tit on Prince Of Wales Road five years ago: this is a belated guide to being a man:

- Don’t laugh along when your friends are catcalling and whistling at a girl.
– Don’t slap your misogynistic, cheating friend on the back and call him a ‘legend‘.
– If you see a woman crying on the bus, ask quietly if she’s okay or if there‘s anything you can do. Yelling “cheer up love- it might never happen” does not help.
– Hold doors open for people- this isn’t anti-feminist, it is common decency.
– Being nice to a woman does not give you the right to demand sex. Sometimes people value your friendship too much to risk screwing it up in that way, so be nice for the sake of being nice.
– If you have a girlfriend, find out what she likes. Those generic things that ‘all women like’ show zero effort. (Unless you know for a fact that she wants red roses and chocolates).
– You don’t need money to make someone feel special and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Sometimes, just giving your time and attention is all that’s needed.
– Recognise that you deserve the same treatment and respect! Relationships are about being good to each other.
– Understand that a woman’s clothing says nothing about her sexual availability- she did not dress for you and is not ‘asking for it’.
– “Excuse me, I just wanted to say I think you look lovely. Have a nice day.” This sentence (said without leering) may get you a smile, which is more than mumbling “you’re hot” will ever do.
– Try to keep your relationships with friends, lovers and family healthy but if it is time to let go, accept it without trash talking. Sometimes you’ve done all you can.
– Being gay is not a bad thing, or a good insult. You are no less of a man and neither is your gay friend.
– Self-doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will. Dream big or small- as long as you dream, that’s all that matters.

You’ll probably spend your entire life learning how to be a man- that’s what new experiences are for- but the above points are a good place to start.

R x
p.s. Here is me looking thoughtful, wearing my own clothes in my favourite place (a woodland), photographed by Pirate Photography


Musing Maenad

1 May

Blessed be! It’s Beltane today- the pagan celebration of love and blossoming! It is said to be one of two days in which the veil between our world and the Otherworld is thinnest. Look at this fairyworld- it’s one of the locations I visited in Scotland. :)


If it is true that our universe is infinite, then there are an infinite number of possibilities out there. I like to think that on some plane of our existence, the rustlings and swayings of the woodland are made by things other than birds and squirrels…

I’ve had a lovely few days catching up with some of my friends- both international, and just very busy. On Monday, I went for afternoon tea in Piccadilly with jet-setters Ian And Shae and purple-haired Swedes Malin and Thomas.
On Tuesday I visited a beautiful tea shop for scones with Ivory Flame, Madame Bink, and Major the dachsund- who I do not get to see often enough! So much love to all of my friends. :)

During my shoot with Greeneye photography in February, I made a Maenad-inspired outfit. Maenads were traditionally crazed wine-drinking followers of the god Bacchus, running around in ecstatic frenzy while ripping things up, but I like C.S. Lewis’s version (fierce, wild women having a celebration).

Here’s one in a quiet riverside musing session having finished her wine…

I made the entire outfit myself, including the headdress. I can’t wait to make more- the material is sooo beautiful!





I’m writing a piece about love, purity culture and sex which is opening my eyes to some interesting world customs, and if you haven’t already found my piece for Kinkly Magazine about sexiness then here it is: http://www.kinkly.com/2/1386/lets-talk-about-it/sex-industry/a-fetish-models-tips-for-looking-and-feeling-sexy
And speaking of sexy, I have taken delivery of the most GORGEOUS latex outfit by Dawnamatrix (one of my favourite designers and well worth a look.) And it’s all mine as this one is not on loan- hooray! Would you like a sneak peek? ;)


I’ve just had a sudden influx of bookings from photographers wanting to take advantage of the beautiful weather- which I always look forward to. If you’d like the chance to book me, get in touch as soon as possible because once the flowers go, they’re gone for this year. (And then we’re onto the summer meadows, hay bales and turning leaves again).
As certain obligations are keeping me in the country, I’m enjoying taking myself around the locations I don‘t often reach. (Good news for you in Yorkshire, Leicester, Hull, Isle of Wight and Cork!)

As it’s grey and raining, I’m going to enjoy photos and art inspired by nature while having a coffee and mid-morning snack of dark chocolate. I hope you have a lovely May Day! :)


p.s. Nooooo! I was only watching a Bob Hoskins film* the other night when I commented about how sad it was that he’d died… and then remembered I was talking about Pete Postlethwaite. Now I hear that Bob Hoskins really has died! I’m so sorry, Bob Hoskins- I didn’t mean to… :S
On that note, Doomsday is a fantastic film and if you think otherwise, go and sit in the corner and think about what you’ve done. Mediaeval knights vs. Glaswegian cannibal punks vs. the police… with a virus? (Oh, and Bob Hoskins.) Hell yes.

I Roam Around around around…

24 Apr

Did you know I’m actually Scottish? I was born in Aberdeen but left as a small child so I don’t have the accent. (I’m very VERY English-sounding). Still, whenever I visit, I feel as though I’m home. I spot wildlife without even trying and there are mountains.
I’ve been in Edinburgh for the past few days and am now catching up on my e-mails while watching The Cabin in the Woods, which is hilarious. I didn’t get an Easter as I was working, but I came home to some lovely Green and Blacks mini bars. :)

This trip reminded me how much I love my crazy job:
- Day one: I shot in the most fairytale-ish location I have seen outside of Sweden; specks of forest dust filtering through trees, carpets of celandine and moss so soft I cartwheeled across it.
- Day two: I posed for an artist high above the city in a monument I didn’t even know you could climb!! It was a Gothic theme and I felt like Maleficent’s sister surrounded by gargoyles and archways in my own tower! During the shoot, I got spotted by a beautiful teal-haired fan, who took the time to come and say hello. It was lovely to meet you, Sarah- I hope you enjoyed the city! :)
- Day three: I worked with two photographers (both lovely) on some boudoir. I’m getting booked for boudoir a lot recently and I really enjoy making myself up like a vintage film star. I’m going to invest in some new wigs so I can really change my vintage looks.
- Day four: I was in the same studio with a different photographer and got the chance to experiment with nude poses and throw diaphanous material around. It’s a nude model staple which I really love; you can’t predict the results as fabric has a mind of its own!
- Day off: I took myself and a picnic to Burntisland to look for seals. I didn’t find any that day but I sat on a rock watching beautiful seabirds flit around as the tide came in, and then went back to town for a bite to eat and a scribble in the Elephant House Cafe (where JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter).

I’m pretty terrible photographer but my phone is an okay camera so we balance each other out! Here are some of my snaps:


“I wish I could turn and live with animals; they are so placid and self-contained”.* I do enjoy meeting and talking to new people, which is something modelling means I get to do- but at times I am an antisocial loner and would rather be on a hill watching buzzards circle without another human in sight. It’s so much easier to do in Scotland, which means if I need to get myself lost for a bit, I can do so and return to the world a little calmer. When I next tour, I’d love to go North and look for golden eagles, pine martens (even David Attenborough has never seen a wild one!!) and the two resident pods of orcas (killer whales).

I’m now planning my next visit Northward to Pirate Photography, who took the pictures below:
You may notice I’m in pants but no top- this is because I have re-evaluated my modelling levels to reflect that ‘topless’ does not always mean ‘lad’s mag glamour’ and my rule on the latter is still very much in place. (I have no problem looking sexy, but will not do or wear anything that I feel is degrading to myself. I will not pretend to pull down my knickers, suck my thumb, squish my breasts together etc etc etc). 
Anyway, I realised I hadn’t posted any good old fetish for a while! Here is a Zivity teaser for one of my most popular sets of all time. If you’d like to see the whole set, it’s only about $2 and you can access it here: https://www.zivity.com/models/Roswell_Ivory/photosets/31

Photographer: Pirate Photography
Pants: Lux Tenebrae
Make-up: me


I’ve got to dash as I have e-mails from you all to reply to! ;) but I hope you all had a lovely Easter, whatever religion (or not) you have.


* quote from Walt Whitman. Not to be confused with Walter White. ;)

p.s. Do you follow my Tumblr? I get thousands of views a month here but only 400 followers on there! You get three new photos and some writing every week! I also answer your questions.


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