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R.I.P. Tales

3 Dec

My beloved laptop “Tales” died. :( I’m relying on a temperamental iPad and phone to get my news across so for now until I can buy a new laptop, I’ll be posting my images and news onto my facebook page here:
Any millionaire blog followers, now’s the time to speak, lol!

The good news is the hard-drive is okay, so I haven’t lost all my pictures and about five years of writing.

I’ve trawled the internet and my inbox for the various publications I’ve had this past month and as promised, I can show you my feature in Kirameki Magazine (with pictures by James Beddoes and cyborg leggings by Cyberdog) AND my feature in Rebelicious magazine with photos by Luci-Alice and unique custom-made outfit by Dawnamatrix! ;)

It is definitely worth getting the Girl Power issue- some really fascinating people interviewed and beautiful pictures! Just click here!


And here’s Rebelicious- with some wildcat action and a little bit of bending…
If you’d like to get the whole magazine (which Ii recommend!) then here it is: CLICK!


I also had a surprise feature in Kultur Magazine!! Here’s the title page, featuring bendiness… If you’d like to read the rest, this is where to click!

Photo by Rowan Murray
Latex by Pandora Deluxe

I’ve been shooting a lot of latex and am about to go on a more steampunk/vintage trip with my newly fixed phone. Extra pictures coming very soon. :)

For now, here’s one from Henry Murphy, featuring Yummy Gummy latex.

And here’s another photo from Kultur Magazine, by Rowan Murray

Roswell hart

Got to go- I have a suitcase to pack and my time’s running out at the internet cafe! Hide the naked pics!! ;)
I hope you’re all enjoying December- it makes my day hearing from everyone, even if Ii can’t reply right now.

Roswell xx


5 Nov

It has been a manic couple of weeks but most of it has been positive, uplifting and very happy! I’ve learned to light a fire in my cosy wood-burning stove so am snuggled up in my lounge with to-die-for gingerbread latte cooling on my tree-stump coffee table, and dinner roasting in the oven (butternut squash with basil butter).
It’s hard to know where to start…

I’m featuring in Kirameki Magazine this month, with an interview and an article! It’s the Girl Power issue and will focus on strong women, feminism (read my article before dismissing it as a dirty word- I promise I’m not a man-hater!) :D I just read that as ‘man-eater’, I’m not a man eater either. :P There will also be some photos I’ve been sitting on for ages- if you’re a leather or Mad Max/post-apocalyptic clothing fan, you need to see this!
Here’s a behind-the-scenes I took during the shoot:

I was honoured to do an interview for Radio Vienna last month, covering my life and work so far- as well as opinions on model safety, fetishism and other bits and pieces too. If you want to hear my very, very English accent (the interview is in English), follow the link and start listening at the 22:00 mark.
It was my first radio interview (other than a very brief publicity chat I did for an event in 2008!) so was nervous to say the least!

Though voting is now over for Miss Fetish Europe and the event is this weekend, I have just been told I’m also nominated for the award of “Fetish Model of the Year 2015″! If you would like to send a vote my way, follow this link and scroll through the ladies until you get to me, then give me any number you feel I’m worth! Preferably a 10… :P

I have some new sets on Zivity, with the very lovely Andrew Shiels (and help/lookout duty from Georgia!) I have a teaser here with Yummy Gummy latex but head on over to my Zivity page for all the sets. If you aren’t a member, that’s no problem- you can unlock sets for about $3!
Andrew had also commissioned a surprise for Georgia- I’d secretly been drawing one of their gorgeous horses and sneaked it in my suitcase. It has been delivered now so I can show you! Here she is! I’m setting up a mini-site for my drawing work but if you would like to see more or commission a portrait of your own, get in touch ASAP as I can still send things out before Christmas.
01 Abba

I’m off to Dominatrix this weekend, have a month full of latex shoots, possibly my first shoot on my boat(!) and so many articles on my list, so I decided to do something else too. Now I can confirm I’m not only bats, but a total masochist as well, as I am doing NaNoWriMo this year again. For those not in the know, it’s National Novel Writing Month and participants pledge to write 50,000 words in 30 days.
Look: it’s official!
I’m using the month to give my crime thriller “The Ferryman” a kick up the ass! I actually published an extract on a friend’s blog a long time ago. Though I’m already itching to edit it, you can have a read by clicking HERE! The book will be about some post-mortem examiners playing a very sick game, and one will be a woman not motivated by revenge or money (a rare thing in any genre). That’s all I’m saying for now.

I hate going without blogging for so long, as news just piles up and I couldn’t not mention Shoshana B Roberts’s video of street harassment in New York. It makes my blood boil and it’s a whole other blogpost but I hope more women do this (video the abuse). One of the biggest problems I find when talking about this issue is men having no idea why it is so threatening and frustrating. (And it is hard to explain. Constant looks and comments about how attractive you are sounds great… until you hear the tone of voice for yourself. Until you see the leers with your own eyes.) This video helps explain. While I personally answer the ‘have a nice day’ types with ‘thankyou, you too’ unless they are said in that creepy leery way, the kissy noises and long stares, not to mention the guy walking beside her are utterly unforgivable. You know what? I’m getting shaky and angry already so I’m going to save it for a day or so, so that I can compose a proper blog about it rather than a segment of this catch-up. Certainly, I encountered so much this summer that I kept a diary of the comments and stares with the intention of publishing it online. I’m glad this issue is finally getting the attention it deserves.

I’m back from Belgium, where I met some lovely fellow models, ate a lot of Belgian chocolate and shot in some beautiful places. I even tell a funny story about the trip during my radio interview so do have a listen… ;)
Here are just some of the places I’ve been:
WP_20141013_013 WP_20141015_019

as it’s been a busy varied month, I’ll show you some busy varied pictures from my studio evening with Gunther Frans:

Pictures by Gunther Frans:
Pink latex bodysuit by Pandora Deluxe
Latex skirt by Yummy Gummy
All styling by me
photo.php10353698_10152796836262630_5673418628061401703_n 10580577_10152796728097630_701646130_n

And this one’s by Hugo Deneweth


Back to the murder and mayhem! ;)



18 Oct

Ugh, I’m NEVER ill!!! >:( but now it seems I have a cold. Sorry about that.
It’s why I’m in bed and not responding to all of your e-mails. I should be recovered soon- I’m very healthy and my immune system is awesome, but give me a few days, okay?
Lovely people I met and worked with in Belgium the other day; you are not forgotten. Magazines featuring me and awaiting pictures; neither are you. Friends and fans who have been kind enough to support me in my latest award (nominated for “Miss Fetish Europe”), thankyou- I’ll write to you asap.
Oh, blog, I’m sorry I meant to write sooner. Give me a couple of days and I’ll make it up to you.

For now, here’s my news in bitesize.
– Please, pretty please show your support by voting for me in the “Miss Fetish Europe” Award by clicking this link, filling in the two tiny boxes and confirming in your email. (Don’t forget the last part!)
– I’m doing an interview for Radio Vienna soon, covering fetish, feminism and my life in general. Squeee!
– I’m interviewed here about feminism and the world: As a model it’s always a concern that I’ll be seen as a clothes horse so I always feel I’m doing someething right when people want to hear what I have to say.
– Ditto here- I’m mentioned in a Flare magazine article about model safety. along with Coco Rocha!
– I have a carpet on my boat now. (Please pretend to be excited about this- it makes me happy. :P )
– Atchoo! *sniffle*

Here are some pandas falling in a heap.

Tales from the Riverbank

24 Sep

Hello again and happy Autumn! Though the weather’s been lovely and sunny there’s a definite chill and the pavement near me is covered in spiky conker cases. The swallows are gone (bon voyage, little ones- enjoy Africa!) I realy believe in the influence of the seasons- if it’s winter and you feel like hibernating, do it. 99/100 hedgehogs recommend it, after all. :P
BUT… I seem to be nesting instead! I’m doing DIY, I’m painting Tolkien quotes (“It’s a dangerous business, going out your door…”) and I’m making my room into the sci-fi boudoir of my imagination. It’s a really lovely feeling- making your home into a place that you want to return to. I’ll show you some pictures soon.

The fashion show I mentioned last blog went wonderfully, even with three outfits to wear in 11 minutes! There is a video and as soon as I have permission I will post it here, but for now here are some stills from Elysium photography:

Walking for Lady Allura. Check out my wings!!

Quick change and I’m trotting for Fabulously Fetish, with Constance Peach (who has a farm!) and Dominatrix Joyce in the middle.

And another lightning change- back to Lady Allura latex with harness by JuJu Jezebel.

I love concepts, editorials and fairytales so when photographer Emma-Jane asked me to work on a project with her, it was the squeeeee heard around the globe! :) It was an early start and the grass was dewy when we set up our little world. Papers flying, material stretching and me balancing on one thigh to save the broken and valiant tiny chair Emma had serendipitously found discarded shortly before our shoot. Sudden ideas and half-formed stories discussed between shots. Roping in a stranger to help hold the set together. An adventure on a bus, pastries, curious pond birds. A stalker(!) Much, much pondweed…
Our shoot “Mizumi” was published in Most Magazine, so I can now share it with you…


Speak to you soon, everyone- I have wings to make and things to sculpt… ;)


p.s. My sale pieces are flying off the blog as fast as Autumn leaves. If you would like to grab a bargain, look here and mail me if there’s anything you’d like. Also, extra brownie points and love go to people that share the page- everything MUST go!!!

“I’m not dead (you idiot), I am simply at peace…”

3 Sep

… and I never thought I’d begin a blog by quoting ‘Kung Fu Panda’. 

I left the previous post up for a while in case any readers had been directed here from The Times or any other paper/blog etc but I really think I’m overdue a happier life update and some new pictures.

EDIT: I’m going to be adding many, many new things to my sale in the next few hours. Sizes UK 8-14, prices from £1.50. Keep checking here:

It’s just been my birthday (so thankyou, thankyou, thankyou to all you lovely people who sent me birthday wishes and presents. I have mailed you individually but you deserve an extra mention here).
I spent my actual birthday in airports and at a photoshoot but managed to squeeze in a trip to see the Sebastiao Salgado exhibition “Genesis” in Stockholm.. I’d taken some rare time out to see my Swedish friends- it’s possibly my favourite country, even if you Swedes do eat banana on pizza. (That’s right, everyone else: the pineapple on pizza debate is over- the Swedes have BANANA.) ‘Old’ friends and new; tack* for the hugs, beds, fika**, gossip and fun! In fact I was having too much fun to take photos, but I went to see cult HP Lovecraft musical “A Shoggoth on the Roof” in Swedish, had a girly night in, went to a stretching class and learned a few more words.

Have a montage:

And a sneak preview from my shoot with Belinda Bartzner

When I arrived home, I found an e-mail from photographer/friend Luci-Alice. We’ve been published in Freque magazine‘s black and white issue! May I please introduce Eddie? Isn’t he gorgeous? He’s the same colour as my hair.
The harness was custom-made by Pandora Deluxe, who I’ll be walking for this year in the biannual Dominatrix event… where I’m also nominated for the title of ‘Miss Fetish Europe’!

While a few Facebookers were concerned that Eddie’s ears are facing backward, I promise he’s fine: his owner was there the whole time, there were flies as it was a hot day so Luci captured some ear flicks, he had a roomy stall so could move away if he wanted to and as I’m an animal-lover, I was mindful of his comfort at all times. If you’d like more reassurance, here’s an ears-up picture (and linked is a true ‘upset horse’ picture for comparison).

So now, I’m having some days off before my appearance at London Fetish Weekend! (I’ll be walking in fashion shows for Lady Allura and Fabulously Fetish).
Though I have busy times ahead I’ve been trying to have a walk every day- the area around me is too beautiful to ignore- especially at my favourite time of year and after a period of such stress, nothing makes me happier than being a part of nature again. Told you I was at peace! ;)

Usually I need a padded cell in order to write- I’m too easily distracted and only realised this year that taking my notebook out into nature is the worst thing I can do. Still, I have a great memory and recorded three little snapshots of life, currently.

I don’t want to leave Sweden. I haven’t seen a moose this trip except on my new keyring, and the boulder-strewn forest on the outskirts of Stockholm just might hold deer that I could see if I waited a few more hours. But instead I’m by a shop that sells ice cream in homemade waffle cones, which smell warm… and evidently irresistable as I’m holding a peach cone. I’m lost, but not uncomfortably. Still, I haven’t enough time to be lost at all. Directions from the man in the magazine shop, a quick glance over his shoulder finds my friend smiling from a cover. The memory of her hand-drawn map to a beauty spot last year sparks a smile from me that lasts three streets.
The museum is glowing, five flights of steps downward in the grey rain- a lighthouse in reverse. Do I want to spend precious money? You’re on holiday, Roswell!! Genesis… we mostly imagine a steamy prehistoric fern-strewn earth, or a planet with roads and Attenborough and deforestation… but never both at once. Never like this. People I wish to meet but can only see in the split seconds captured here… Textures I want to feel- a claw here, a frondy plant halfway up a tree hundreds of miles away… Entire non-human communities that will never think of me a day in their lives…
I’m almost late for my flight.
_66906203_624_c-sebastiao-salgado2 sebastiao_salgado_iguana_galapagos_islands_from_genesis__gallery_image
WP_20140826_035 WP_20140826_040

The clouds wait along the horizon and the sun is warm but not dazzling- I don’t realise that tic-tic-tic sound is made by a robin until I see him fly across the path and change to a prettier duet with another one a few trees away. I don’t want to disturb him, so I hide under a red-dotted hawthorn tree. Almost everything’s colourful here- a good thing for the birds, which, I doubt will go for a feeder hung from the end of my boat! I creep out to the hedgerow and am surrounded by blackberries. I can stop feeling guilty about taking the birds’ food- there’s plenty for all and a couple of handfuls go in my bag. I couldn’t even remember what wild ones tasted like but while supermarket blackberries are plum-sized and bitter, the ones in my hand taste of Autumn.
The biggest dragonfly I have ever seen is a few feet away- electric blue and green with jewel eyes and a wingspan the length of my hand! I duck as it flies toward home (mine). On some level, I don’t think I thought it was real. I follow after it carrying my hedgerow food and passing a secret crop of dove grey and fawn mushrooms under leaves I can’t name. I think everyone knows when I’m walking the jetty- my boots clump a bit! It’s getting chilly as the clouds take over, but inside there’s a new bag of coffee to open. No need for incense when there’s coffee…


It’s usually the most peaceful place to be but tonight, the marina has its own kind of unrest- though not an unpleasant one.
Somebody’s band is rehearsing nearby. A light is on and shadows move rhythmically against the curtains. The woman singing has a haunting, echoing voice even in the upbeat jazz and I remember how I wish I could sing. I need a break from the ‘computer hunch’ and climb onto the roof. The air feels more autumnal than ever- what is it about a full moon that says ‘Autumn’? I wonder what the people nearby make of the woman in the computer-game-assassin clothes standing on the roof of a canal boat. It doesn’t matter either way but it’s probably a funny image!
The cygnets think I have more popcorn for them and though the parents raise their heads, they know better and ignore their grey whistling children. Their bed on the bank looks cosy- a faerie ring of bulrushes.
I wish the moorhen couple and their four chicks safety through the night. It’s their first successful brood and I can’t tell them apart yet but wish that they could still balance on the lily pads the way they used to.
The high blustering sound of an aeroplane, the creaking of the mooring ropes and the music has stopped for the night. The water here is never still- too many shifting boats- and so the moon’s reflection breaks and shatters into a long teardrop shape- a bright lunar koi on the water’s surface.

I’m useless at night photography, so have a night-faerie-esque picture by Follyhouse. Make-up by me.


p.s. if you aren’t following my facebook, why not?? it’s where the extra news snippets go…


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