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Show me that horizon…

21 Mar

If you didn’t read my Cloud Orchid interview, shame on you for you missed my news! :P
The reason I’ve been quiet recently (apart from all the travel) is that I have bought my very own houseboat and am in the middle of painting her and making her live-able. I’m being terribly indecisive about what colours she should be inside but the bathroom will most definitely be sea monster themed.
I know a couple of you have asked about boatwarming gifts, which is very kind of you- but I am only going to have 400 square feet so I’m waiting to live on board for a while before I start buying stuff. I have added one or two small bits to my wishlists because I can’t resist though. :P

I just cannot wait to have a kitchen and teeny herb garden and have been filling my Pinterest boards up with recipes and craft ideas. I will share any good ones with you of course. ;)

Though I have been crazily busy, I have jetted off to Amsterdam to model for Ardita Fetish Fashion at Dominatrix, which is my very favourite international event and I’m looking forward to seeing the pictures from the show! It was a first ever for me- I went blonde!
Here’s me with Miss Mandy from Sweden:
It was also my first fashion show where all the models had the same hair and make up. We were all badass fetish angels- look at our thorny crowns!!!

I then let my hair down (literally) for the afterparty- though next time I’ll wear something I can dance in! If you don’t know already, I am a goofy idiot, especially when I am confronted with very specific (and so very clearly illustrated) signs. :P

I spent the last day drinking tea and eating yummy cake with friends. Roll on next party- where I plan to enter the “Miss Fetish Europe” contest. You heard it here first!

So, last time I visited the North, I worked with Andy Greeneye, whose photographs look like paintings from a bygone era. We pooled our ideas and one of those ideas involved a mermaid-y creature. Pretty fitting for a pirate-in-training, I think!
The song “How I Became The Sea”, by Owl City was in my head the entire time this set was being shot. Although people are all debating what it’s about, to me it’s bloody obvious that it’s about a shipwreck. (Hopefully that won’t jinx my new home- “How I Became The Canal” doesn’t really have a ring to it) :P

“And then, when the Empress ran aground…

…and my eyes turned blue and green…

…I heard a gorgeous sound, and that’s when it became a dream.

When the sky fell in, when the hurricanes came for me…

…I could finally crash again, and that’s how I became the sea”

Though the song itself isn’t wonderful (with an unnecessary bleepy bit at the end), the chorus does give me the shivers. I’ve always been fascinated by the unseen world under the ocean and the old days of sailing when people actually thought you’d fall off the end of the earth if you sailed too far. You all know how much I love my nature documentaries, but a tiny part of me loves the idea of unidentified creatures being “sea monsters” sent by Poseidon from a barnacle-encrusted throne beneath the surface…

Image Image

Ship by Ruslan Eliseev. Polar bear by Paul Souders.

If you like ships and mystery and the stuff above, read “The Liveship Traders” trilogy, by Robin Hobb. I’ve just finished it for the second time. ;)

I have to get up early for boat stuff and it is wayyyyy past my bedtime. Speak to you soon!

LAST WORD: Thankyou, thankyou, THANKYOU to the lovely DeviantArt menber who was kind enough to buy me Premium membership! If you are reading this, a personal message is coming to you shortly. :)


The Red Woman

26 Feb

I was writing such a long in-depth blog about the new gender options on Facebook but it turns out Facebook has already implemented the solution I was going to offer. Well done, Facebook! :P

In short, instead of merely Female/Male, the social networking gods offered fifty-one new options for listing your gender. I absolutely agree that gender can be fluid and not quite as simple as ‘one or the other’- but while there will never be a box for everyone out there, it that necessarily a bad thing?
Despite Russia and Uganda’s best efforts, the world is slowly learning more about itself and accepting it’s inhabitants, but attempting to provide a box for every single person’s gender preference at every given time is neither proof of acceptance nor an effective way to combat ignorance. In fact, to me, the myriad words and options appeared to satirise rather than solve the problem!
A little like this: (NOT a real JS episode- it’s a clip from “Domino”): Watch up until about 1:20

While it is never nice to feel you don’t fit in, the thing is, nobody completely fits in with a label; I have a vagina, I identify as female, I am attracted to both genders (one more so than the other), I do not dress in a typically female or male style, I do not want children, I have a typically female-looking body, I am not sure if I would be attracted to somebody especially androgynous or trans- the situation hasn’t happened yet! These are elements of me as far as gender is concerned. Ingredients that make me who I am and the only label needed to tie them together is my name. No box needed.

My solution was to remove all the labels and replace them with an ‘other’ box in which people could write their preference. This way, everybody is included. When I attempted to change my gender to see the options, I was offered ‘Male’, ‘Female’, or the very box I suggested. I love it when a plan comes together… :D


I’m counting down to moving day next month. I’ve never been hunting for home decor before- there’s going to be a Kraken/Cthulhu-themed room but I can’t decide what colour the rest of the rooms should be! There is an easily customisable area outside that I can shoot on so my thinking cap is firmly on!

I worked with photographer Luci-Alice in December, shooting some accessories for Kaori’s Latex Dreams. She’s a fantastic designer with very elegant work. Some of our pictures were snapped up by Kirameki magazine in an instant- and here they are!



The first dress is by Pandora Deluxe and all headpieces and collars are by Kaori.
I did all hair and make-up.

Here are some more…





I’m going to have a lovely homemade chai latte and work on a long-abandoned teens novel. :)

Speak to you very soon, and remember today is #WordyWednesday so if you have any questions for me, get in touch via Tumblr and I’ll answer!



20 Feb

Hey there!

I’ve had a heck of a month so far- lots of interesting photoshoots and lovely people that I can’t wait to tell you all about. So far this week, I’ve been a Maenad, a mermaid, Scheherazade (my favourite character- I’ll tell you all about her one day), a ponygirl, and a dancing Renaissance lady. The latter has already made it onto the front page of Purpleport!

Photo by Aesir Rey (who is wonderfully geeky and has excellent taste in gingerbread penguins).
All styling and outfit made by me

This blog has also been featured in a very complimentary article about female bloggers! Neon Nettle have published “The 10 Sexiest Bloggers on the ‘Net Right Now”, which features ten models/bloggers who talk about more than the industry. I am thankful every day for my success as a model but even more so when my words and thoughts are valued as much as my face and body. The ‘thick model’ stereotype is just that- a stereotype, and I wish somebody could tell that to yesterday’s taxi driver transporting myself and a lost Kitty Quinzell: “Oh no, there’s no hope- a blonde and a model!” Yes, there are models whose mere presence makes me worry that my brain cells are evacuating in protest, but the models I have become friends with and enjoy talking to are far more plentiful. Some of them are in the article- have a read! :)

I’m back in Holland next month to walk in a fashion show for the beautiful Ardita Fetish Fashion, which reminded me I haven’t yet posted Ben Ernst‘s photographs of me from my last visit! We shot on this fantastic scaffolding setup, which was actually pretty high from the ground!






Any latex designers reading this? I have broken these trousers and would love them fixed please! I’ll give you a free rein to customise them! :)

I have, of course, saved my biggest news until last. for any of you who have not read my recent interview in Cloud Orchid magazine… I HAVE A PLACE OF MY OWN!!! There is a twist, of course- you can find out what it is if you read the interview. ;) All I’ll say here is I have put my deposit down and if all goes fine, I’ll be living there by the end of March!

I have so much to write about so am going to get this restless cat off my knee and get on with it. (Okay, one more cuddle…)


Happy New Year and here we go again!

27 Jan

Happy New Year, everyone!

As you have probably guessed from my stubborn silence here, I’ve beeen a busy lady but maybe not in the expected way: I’ve gone all zen and am working on sorting my nutrition and stress levels out. A week ago I treated myself to an appointment with skin nutritionist Juliette Scarfe (Bareskin Beauty). I had a treatment session, a consultation and was sent home with a lovely little pack of lotions and potions that smell gorgeous. I’ll happily join the army of models that recommend her and cannot wait to put some of her ideas into practice.

I still have trouble switching off- I feel strong and motivated when I’m answering e-mails, booking shoots in the diary, sending written work to publishers. Ticking off points on a to-do list has been my main reason for getting up for too long and I am rediscovering how to enjoy the creative process for itself. Something shouldn’t only be of value when it is over.
I’m returning to the mothership tomorrow for four days of making beautiful things. I have some lovely material and enjoy sewing- by hand especially! Definitely looking forward to losing myself in pretty textures and stitches.

Right now, I’m looking at a messy garden. In the Spring, I’ll go all Mary Lennox (The Secret Garden) and tidy/nurture it but for now, there are things still sleeping there and it’s best to let them hibernate. So I’m writing a few mini-stories while watching the tufts of grass blow about. Maybe if I go really wild, I’ll do a poem. :P

Speaking of poetry and other things, I had two features in Cloud Orchid magazine recently! December’s issue had a poem by yours truly in it and January’s issue has me on the cover, with a six page feature inside (pages 56-61)! My biggest news of the year (seriously, if I get any bigger news this year, I’ll eat my hat) is in there too… ;)

Photos are all by Josefine Jonsson
PVC harness is by RestrictionWear
Pretty dress is by Spencie Darling
Hair and make-up is by me






Here are some more pictures of the location. Isn’t it beautiful!? I should have got a picture of me with Josefine- people said we looked spookily alike. Maybe next time… :D


Tiny gingerbread house on the edge of a forest!!! I nearly fainted with joy and just *had* to pose in front of it…

So tranquil…

Bye bye, fairytale Sweden. See you in a few months!

I’m going to sign off now as I have to go somewhere scary but hopefully tonights surprise dinner will make things okay.

Speak to you all soon- and thanks for sticking with me through my absence.


Where I am now.

18 Dec

Hey everyone,

I dropped off the radar for a bit there! Sorry for the vanishing act- I’m okay, I promise, but do still need witness accounts for my last blog (no matter how trivial your experience may seem). Things are still going on, but I want to share other, better news now.

It’s been a long time since I last looked forward to Christmas- I’m no longer actively dreading it, which makes me a happy lady. There are lovely decorations all over my mum’s tiny village and as I’m getting my shopping done this week I’ll hopefully avoid the humanity-destroying rush! It’s cold, but I have my snuggly grey homemade coat to keep me warm, and I’m putting bird feeders up to keep the feathered ones happy and well-fed.
I’ve been doing a lot of coach-travel, and I love seeing the fruit trees by the side of the road- the leaves have all blown away leaving the fruit hanging on the branches. It’s quite otherworldly and beautiful.

Photo by Pirate Photography alllll the way back in 2010!

In my next few blogs, I’ll be recapping my 2013 for you (it’s been a very good year), telling you which of next year’s resolutions I’m about to break already, sharing some of my sexiest photos ever (with Pirate Photography, of course!) and talking about life- I have an important blog for you about survival.
Stay tuned…

I had my official photoshoot for my upcoming stageshow the other week! I just need to shoot my showreel now, and then I’m ready to roll.
Here’s a quick behind the scenes headshot…

… and a behind-the-scenes video from Luci-Alice. Click the link- it’s mobile-friendly! ;)

I’m off to visit some of my best girls- Ivory Flame and Anita De Bauch tomorrow for a sleepover after my shoot, then it’s my last shoot of the year for the world’s top bondage website!

It’s at this time we all want to hibernate- to plan for next year, especially in between Christmas and January 1st. There’s always so much I want to do, which is why I’m finishing my shooting early. I’ll be spending most of my Christmas being creative, writing (I’ve been approached by a few of the better-known feminist magazines, which I’m very excited about!) and making some jaw-dropping outfits for next year’s shoots. Photographers interested in shooting fashion, get in touch to hear more.
I also want to take the time to watch the world go by- just an hour or two, I find makes so much difference when I’m usually always rushing around like a mad thing.

To match my current mood, I want to post you all something lovely from summer (well, September, but it felt like summer. I worked with Peter Binnie in a beautiful garden/jungle/studio!

First, a quick warm-up in the studio

Then out in the garden with the birdsong


A couple of coloured ones (I *love* the bottom one!)

It’s about *now* that I’d love to have a tame white peacock to model with… maybe next year…

I’m off to bed as I have a busy couple of days and would like to find a new book to read while I’m there! ;)
Night night everyone- speak to you very soon!



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